Susan's Cross Dressing Success Story – It All Starts With My Wife

This week’s cross dressing success story comes from sunny California and is one that many cross dressers wish was their own.  This crossdressing success story celebrates more than the acceptance of a crossdresser’s wife, but the birth of a wonderful new experience.

Meet Susan

Hi, I’m Susan am 54 and live in Northern California.

Susan’s Cross Dressing Success Story

I have been dressing for the last 12 years and my wife was actually the one who started on this path, believe it or not. She started by suggesting I wear women’s panties, so to the store we went. Since then I have been blessed with a beautiful wife who supports me in all my dressing. I can dress anytime, anyway I want, use makeup, and I just can’t tell you how much I love it! Everything feels so good on me and makes me feel great. I know how lucky I am from the stories I have read to have to have this in my life, I really feel for the people who have to dress in private and can’t let their wife know, it must be so hard on them. I say think about telling her, start slow and see how it goes. If it works your life would explode with joy, no more hiding. I wish everyone good luck in their journeys.
With love,

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About the Author

A woman living in Seattle, enjoying the freedom to be who she is every moment of her life!

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  1. kelli 63 says:

    well here goes nothin

    my name is kelli, I started dressing as a girl about 1 year b4 my mom past away…….I was 12 years old…. to this day i love wearing womens clothes………my wife doesnt know n i dont want to lose her……..please help thinkin of suicide

  2. Joanna Santos says:

    Please don’t despair Kelli. Just get your thoughts together and think about your life carefully. Nothing is worth killing yourself over and since this is an important part of yourself that may never go away, please try and get some professional help to deal with your feelings. I know things seem confusing now but things will work out in the end.


    • Vanessa Law says:

      We’re here for you love. There are many local support groups out there who can help you understand your crossdressing desires, and medical professionals are gaining more experience and understanding of transgender issues. Please love, don’t take such a drastic step to end your life. You’ve yet got much beauty to share with this world and joy to bring to others.

      A place to start looking for help is Hugs, Vanessa

  3. SteveD says:

    Great to read about supportive Wife. So many are not. I also have Wife to is very supportive. We are only here for a short time and should be able to dress how we want. Like it’s hurting anyone?


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