This past November, I began my CD journey. I’ve worn undergarments and lingerie on and off for years in secret but realized I didn’t want to suppress my femme identity any longer. I started buying clothes and dressing in secret as much as I could. Never fully dressed because I rarely had the time nor the ability to do makeup or nails. I still wanted to put on my clothes and experience that femme feeling as much as possible.

I didn’t tell my wife, not because I was afraid of her reaction, but because I wasn’t totally sure what was actually going on with me. I had tons of questions and new and unknown feelings. How could I come out to her, let alone answer questions I was sure she would ask? I didn’t know the answers myself. Well, recently I did come out to her. I’m not sure that it could have gone any better!!! After I summoned the courage and told her I was a crossdresser, she said, “Yeah, I know. You’ve enjoyed putting on my underwear and nightgowns for years.” And I said, “Yes, that’s true, but I have my own wardrobe, dozens of pairs of panties, bras, skirts, dresses, breast forms, heels, and pretty much everything but a wig.”

Her response was, “That’s awesome!” I am not surprised by this, as she is very open-minded and has been very supportive of the LGBTQ community for years. She had questions, but I felt more confident in being able to answer. Mostly she was happy for me, she wanted to see all my clothes, and she was genuinely excited for me and happy that I shared it with her.

She went into her closet and pulled out some things she didn’t wear, asking if I wanted to try them on. She gave me two tops, a pair of leggings, and a really nice dress that she commented looked really good on me. We talked for hours, and it was amazing. She is completely accepting and genuinely wants to be involved with Bethann as much as I wish her to be. She offered to help me do makeup but also encouraged me to go get a makeover and gather tips and makeup help from a professional.

She’s excited to help pick out clothes and accessories. I’m overwhelmed at how well this has transpired. We also talked about some of the deeper topics. Such as, what does it mean about my sexuality? And did I think about pursuing HRT or even going beyond to possibly transitioning? If I did, she would be okay with it and be 100% supportive, still wanting to remain my spouse. It was an amazing conversation.

Right now, I’m so happy. I’m not sure how to express it. I thought a few weeks ago when I went out in public dressed for the first time was an amazing day. This might have been even better. I am so excited to see what the future brings.

How best to put into words what being a part of the CDH family has meant to me over the last month. It’s because of all the wonderful girls here and their support! It’s not only with what I received but in all that I’ve noticed given to everyone else, that I have been able to progress on this journey! To everyone here at CDH, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I am so looking forward to continuing my journey and remaining a part of this amazing family!


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    Bethann Paige

    I am 57 years old. I started wearing girls clothes secretly when I was around 12. Trying on my sisters panties and dresses. I have spent over 40 years hiding because of being worried about what other people would think of me. Just a month ago I have started buying my own panties a have not worn boy’s underwear since. Leggings where the next step which led to some tops then pants and a dress and well I can’t stop or more accurately don’t want to stop trying on and buying clothes. These last two months have been amazing. Any way I am looking for people to talk to and help me navigate how to move forward with my journey.

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    Ashlee Lauren
    Ashlee Lauren
    2 years ago

    Bethany thank you for sharing your story it really counters the fear we all have about how people will react, in some cases our partners already know they just haven’t said.
    all the best for your future happiness
    I myself came out to my partner of 10 years recently and like yours she has been very supportive, a little fearful of how far I intend go.

    Danrella Blue
    2 years ago

    Bethann, What a beautiful story. It’s very inspirational for me. I’m on the verge of coming out to my SO. My first step is reading as much as I can on CDH. I suspect it will go well for me but you don’t know until you do it.

    Fiona Black
    Trusted Member
    2 years ago

    You are very lucky indeed. You wife is a treasure.

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