The luxurious taste of feminiity

There are so many aspects of crossdressing that I enjoy immensely. The swish of a skirt as I walk. The gentle touch of stockinged legs against each other. The sway in my hips as my heels click against the concrete. Whether a tactile sensation or auditory delight they all thrill my soul, surrounding my senses with femininity.

Yet all this would seem incomplete without the luxurious taste of femininity on my lips. A deep lipstick or light and breezy lip gloss seems to complete the experience. It’s not just the sheer femininity of it’s appearance, but also the unmistakable taste.

When I was younger I had mixed emotions about lipstick. I desperately wanted to wear my mother’s lipstick, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get it off when the time came to conceal my cross dressing desires. One day when my mom was out the temptation overcame me, and I “expertly” did my lips in a deep red. For the next hour I was in heaven, intoxicated by the taste and smell, but all too soon I had to I embark on “operation extreme hygeine”. This involved:

  • Vigorous removal of the lipstick with tissues that were dutifully flushed.
  • Washing my face with soap
  • Showering and another scrub of my lips with the face cloth

At the end of it all I was mortified. My lips were still red, in fact they looked redder than before. What I didn’t realize at the time, was all the scrubbing had brought the blood to my lips. The lipstick was long gone, but now I was naturally tinted.

Thankfully my mom never suspected, or if she did she kept her suspicions to herself.

These days I know that makeup remover is the easiest and fastest way to remove lipstick. Yet strangely I’m also more comfortable wearing it out – perhaps the long hair, skirt and heels would give me away first πŸ™‚

I also enjoy experimented with different techniques and types of lip colors. Next on my list is Bare Escentuals lip colors. I’ve always wanted to be able to craft movie star perfect lips. I’m hoping that lipstick made to be brushed on will give me finer control, for a more perfect look.

Is lipstick your ultimate taste of femininity? Comment and share you lipstick inspired story.


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I’m passionate about creating a safe space for everyone in the transgender community to find laughter and friendship on their journey. I completed my physical transition in 2011 and through it I lost everything, and gained everything. I am blessed that I was forced to gaze inward and embark on the journey to discover and live my authentic self. My deepest wish is that all who wander here may find peace, happiness and freedom.
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Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones
14 years ago

A good lippy is worth it’s weight in gold.

Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones
14 years ago

Oops. An accidental ‘ πŸ™‚

Carolyn Ann
Carolyn Ann
14 years ago

Ah, the memories… Once upon a time I did something with nail polish. I didn’t know it was all but impossible to remove without the right bottle of smelly stuff!

Just one of a series of screwups. (I try to forget the time I was waltzing around in the (very private) backyard, in heels and a skirt – and Mom and Dad came home, early. Oops. πŸ™‚ )

Carolyn Ann

11 years ago

I am a life long cd who loves lipstick. The creamy feel as I apply it, the fragrance when it is on and the taste… Heavenly.

Julie Carson' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
Julie Carson
7 years ago

As a very young lady of 3 I would watch Mom apply her lipstick and oh so want some for mine. One day i just couldn’t take it any more and stood in front of her mirror applying mynvrry own lipstick, all over my lips my face, ohh it felt so good. Mom walked in and said “oh my what have u done? Come here and let me fix your lipstick”. So I sat on couch and she cleaned all the overage from my face and then said ” there now you look so,pretty”. I looked in mirror and felt… Read more Β»

Genivieve Bujold
Active Member
6 years ago

My very first experience with cross dressing was at age 8 when I tried some of my Mom’s red lipstick. I was overcome, been taking every chance to be girly since! Red lipstick is still my favorite! My Mother caught me one time all dolled up, it wasn’t pretty…but I was!

Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams
5 years ago

I think that once we started using our mothers lipstick it was another step in our desire to be complete dressed as women.. taste and smell can trigger many memories. Not any of the modern lipsticks I use come close. Another thing to think about is our mothers probably knew their property was being used. KELLY

Kelly Love
Kelly Love
1 year ago

Does any think that it is okay for me to walk into a average nail and makeup salon and ask them for their services

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