I’m 62 years old now, and for my recent birthday, my wife surprised me with the best present ever… She said we were going to go out for a shopping day as two girls. Also, Ellie could get whatever she desired; clothes, shoes, handbags, anything…


May 2023 – A month before my birthday.

My wife knew I wanted a new wig for my birthday as my old one was getting old, and she had repaired it a couple of times.

She said that we would go to the salon – The Australian wig company – together and she would buy it for me. I stated I should go as Ellie, as I needed to see what it looked like. She was okay with that, although I didn’t think it would happen.

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On the Saturday before my Monday appointment, my wife was quite sick, and it turned out to be Covid. By Monday, it looked as if I would go on my own; she said no; she was coming and would wear a facemask. I phoned the salon to let them know, and they were fine with it.

After getting all made up and putting on my favourite red skirt-suit we headed off. Driving to the salon was fun. I’ve driven as Ellie a lot, but never with my wife in the car. It was great driving dressed as a girl and having girlish conversations about hair and makeup, etc.

At the salon, we were both treated as VIPs. they showed us to a private room for special attention. It was a thrilling day out for me – to be with my gorgeous wife and dressed as Ellie, talking to people who were so kind and considerate. I tried on several wigs but always came back to the first one I tried. It was very similar to my existing one, but a few inches longer. My wife decided that was the right one for me and purchased it.

When we got back to the car, she mentioned how she really enjoyed herself, suggesting that we stop off at a local shop to get something for dinner. I said, “But I’m dressed as Ellie!” Her response was, “So?” We dropped into the shops. Even though I was nervous that I might be over-dressed, no one paid us any attention. Just two girls doing some grocery shopping. I have frequently been shopping on my own, but it is much more fun sharing the experience with another.

En Femme Style

A month later – My Birthday.

When the day finally arrived, I still wasn’t sure if it would happen. Would my wife change her mind? I got up and made breakfast in bed for both of us. Then she said, “Well, the day has arrived. Are we going shopping?” I couldn’t believe we were actually going to do it. I had an adverse reaction to covid, which caused my face to break out in a very red-bruised look with dry flaky patches. I wasn’t supposed to wear makeup, but on this day, I was going to do my best makeup…

It took me a while to choose my dress. I wanted something really nice, but casual at the same time. I was going to wear heels but changed to sandals as my wife said I would regret wearing heels, and I thought she might be right.

Once we were both dressed and had our makeup on, it was time to head off in the car. It was wonderful to wind the window down and feel the wind in my hair, but the silkiness of my pantyhose was very distracting.

Arriving at the shops – There were people everywhere, and I expected my wife to call it off, but she was fantastic. We even linked arms as two girls would do. We went into her favourite clothes shop first and they welcomed us with a Good morning, ladies – which was nice. I tried on two dresses, though I didn’t buy anything. The Sales ladies were fantastic and very polite. My wife bought some pants and a top. Actually, she bought more than me throughout the day, but it wasn’t about buying things; it was about the experience.

EnFemme Style

The next stop was Portman’s which is my favourite clothes shop. I used the changing room to try on a skirt. My wife brought me dresses and tops to try on. I came out of the changing room to show her each outfit, and we discussed what looked good and what didn’t. The sales assistants were very helpful, too. I’m sure they never picked me for a guy. I’ve been in that store before, but never as Ellie, and I don’t think they realised it.

As the day went on, we went for coffee, and I asked her how she was doing, and she said she was really enjoying herself; shopping with Ellie was more fun than with my male self. That was unexpected but very nice to hear.

After the coffee, we went to David Jones (See attached photo) which is an upmarket department store. There, I bought a matching lovely lace Bra/Panties and slip set. This was so much fun, and I was in heaven.

The excitement continued as my wife didn’t want to go home just yet! She wanted to go to the Direct factory outlet (DFO) near Perth Airport. There are some great shops there, especially the lingerie and shoe shops. After shopping and feeling exhausted, we headed off home with lots of bags full of goodies. We celebrated the day with a bottle of wine.

Later, my wife kissed me and stated what a lovely time she had shopping with Ellie and would happily do it again.


What a great birthday it was! One of my best! It just goes to show that even when you get older, there are still things in life to look forward to. You never know what gifts life will present you with.


Thanks for reading…



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Kaija Borden
Active Member
7 months ago

What great birthday story, you look great hope you have many more days like that

Trisha Rave
Active Member
7 months ago

It so nice to read about your together times.

Lucinda Hawkns
Trusted Member
7 months ago

wow what a birthday gift that was. i bet you were in heaven having a wig made for you buy your gr or girl freind. . wish that would happen to me my wife taking me to a wig place and set me up with one. and dressed as a female. i would be in wonderland having a dream come true. i love dressing up in the Moring as a female would be doing. putting on panties panteis and pad and nylons and bra then a dress or skirt and blouse and make up and perfume and earrings, then heels.

Carole Corbett
Active Member
6 months ago

Ellie…what a wonderful story!Ive missed you on chat! Hope to talk soon!

Aurora Lynne
Active Member
5 months ago

Hi Ellie,

That sounds like a really good day out for both of you and you look really good in the photo, especially the sandals. I am a big fan of strappy sandals. I thought we had ‘David Jones’ stores here in Canada, but it seems like they are only online.

We actually have ‘Jack Jones’, which I always interpret as ‘On me Jack Jones’, meaning on my own.

Hopefully, you will have another such day out with your wife in the near future.

Aurora Lynnette

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