June’s Close Encounter:

Have you ever experienced a close encounter, of any kind, en femme?

Here’s an analogy of close encounter ratings adapted from UFO sighting classifications:

Encounters with Cross Dressers can be categorized into five groups as close encounters of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth kind.

EnFemme Style

When a person sees a Cross Dresser within 50 meters, it’s an encounter of the first kind.

When an encounter with a Cross Dresser leaves evidence behind such as skid marks on the pavement from screeching tires for a closer look, or minor crashes resulting from rubber necking drivers losing their attention from traffic, etc., it’s of the second kind.

When an encounter is with Cross Dressers up close, such as passing one in an aisle while grocery shopping, it’s of the third kind.

The fourth kind involves the person being taken in by the beauty and wonderment of a Cross Dresser that they are drawn into the phenomenon themselves.

The fifth kind involves direct communication between Cross Dressers and other humans.

With these classifications in mind, I have a mini novel to share with you about a most recent close encounter.  Perhaps you should settle into your favorite chair with a beverage by your side… as you take note of each classification of close encounter.

Most recently, A TG friend and I met at my home.  We had a lite lunch, “plunked” our guitars, enjoyed a tasty Bundt cake and then headed out for an afternoon of shopping and dinner.  I (June) had gotten in my grocery shopping earlier in the week for our lunch.  June strolled up and down every aisle in the grocery store, sometimes passing by my intended targets just so I could spend more time there.  I had unintentionally blocked the aisle with my cart several times as I looked at all the options on the shelves.  In each instance, I spoke through my mask saying “pardon me”, or “I’m sorry”, as I looked the men and women in the eye, and smiled.  Never did I feel there was any indication they suspected I was anything less than I appeared.  I hope they could tell I was smiling, because I was really happy!

En Femme Style

Prior to heading out, I wore a hunter green skirt my wife had purchased for me, a bright yellow button-down V neck blouse, taupe wedge heels, white tipped nails, a straw purse, gold hoop earrings, a diamond pendant necklace, and my hair loosely tied back in a brushed gold barrette. Under my mask, I wore Rose Pink lipstick and a really big smile. I stood in front of the mirror to ensure I was appropriately dressed as a proper lady. Okay, maybe I was admiring the image before me…whichever. It’s my opinion that I was appropriately dressed as a proper senior citizen aged lady.

When I had fulfilled my shopping list, I headed to the checkout.  Feeling really good about myself, I bypassed the self-check kiosks, and headed to the checkout lane.  The cashier was an attractive young black lady.  I’ll name her Donna.  She was very pleasant.  I answered the usual questions: “did I find everything, cash or credit, what type bag, if I wanted the meat bagged separately?” etc.   As I withdrew my credit card, Donna pulled my cart toward her; she handed me my receipt and pushed the cart around and continued walking past me with my cart of groceries.  I took up my place next to her and thanked her for her assistance.  What happened next is a lesson in Customer Relations.

Donna placed her arm around my shoulder and said: “My father was transgender and too afraid to go out. I always felt bad for him. I am so glad to see you guys are not afraid and enjoying yourself.” I looked her in the eye and thanked her.  Then I asked what I could do better, and how did she knew? She replied: “look at you, all dressed up… you go girl!” she hugged me, clapped her hands, and turned away to help the next person at her station.  I stood there for a moment, then turned to look at her as she began checking out the next customer.  She looked up at me and we smiled at each other through our masks.  I was overwhelmed with joy!

Beaming with joy, I strolled out the store and sat in my truck (I drive a 2019, F250 XLT, 6.7L Turbo Diesel…it ain’t no wimpy truck!) recalling what I just experienced, and began analyzing her remark to my questions.  I thought Donna knew because of my size. I stand 6ft and I now weigh 184lbs, and my feet are large for a woman.  But I’ve seen women similar and larger by dimension.  No, I thought, this cannot be it alone.  Then it came to me!  It occurred to me Donna was telling me I was overdressed.  Now, my father, who by the way would disown me if he knew what you know about me, taught me “there is nothing wrong with being the best dressed man in the room.” Okay, I wasn’t dressed as a man, so you have to insert “person” or “woman” in place of the “man” word.  That said, I began looking around at people entering and exiting the store.  How were the women dressed?  I noticed how casually and sloppy the women were dressed.  In my opinion, among the joys of dressing en femme is the clothes.  It’s not just the undergarments, and nylon stockings and lipstick… it’s the “total look.”  Not too unlike others of us, I want to always appear to be a classy, proper lady.  In fact, I DO WANT people to turn their heads for another look.  I want this because I want them to have an eyeful of just that…a classy and proper lady.  Clothes do make the persona.  If you read my profile you will know that I want to be inconspicuous, and to blend in as a classy, proper lady for my age.  Don’t we all?  But I don’t think we should sacrifice that goal because the women I observed, choose to dress as slobs. I’m steadfast in my objective!

Do you remember the name, Donna?  She is the young black lady in my story who took me into her confidence.  I returned to the store (in male mode) later in the week and asked to speak with the Store Manager.  He was on a call and could not come, so the Assistant Manager came to meet me.  As I waited, I re-rehearsed what I wanted to say.  I developed a lump in my throat because I was about to confess something only my wife, and a few very important people, know about me.

Visit Transgender Heaven

I introduced myself as my male persona, and said I want to acknowledge your employee, Donna. She epitomizes good customer relations.  I am a Cross Dresser, and the other evening Donna helped me as I was checking out.  She conducted herself in a professional and courteous manner requisite of recognition.  So, if you have an “ATTA BOY” award, or Employee Recognition program in place, I nominate her for the award.  The Assistant Manager, whom I will name Ann, thanked me for my compliments and assured me she would share my comments with Donna, and the Store Manager.  I thanked her, and turned to pick up a few produce items.  When I arrived at the checkout, Ann was talking with the cashier… Now I wonder what the conversation was about?

It feels good to recognize those who recognize “us” in a positive way.

As you experience your close encounters remember to always be your own kind of beautiful as you experience the feminine mystique through the thrill of this phenomenon called Cross Dressing.


*As you read through this account, how many classifications of close encounters do you recognize in this true story?

*When you are out en femme and have direct encounters with sales clerks or cashiers, do you use a practiced femme voice when talking with these folks, or do you use your natural male voice?

*Would you like to share with our readers your first experience while out in public en femme when you had your very first verbal encounter with a sales clerk or cashier and how did it go for you?

Thanks for taking the time to read my article and please feel free to send in a response to my article or to offer up an answer to one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you above.

Warm Personal Regards,


En Femme Style



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    Married, 70 something, MtF heterosexual Crossdresser. I am happy in my skin! I am a male who finds exhilaration experiencing the feminine mystique through this phenomenon called Cross Dressing. My goal is to be inconspicuous ... to blend in. When recognized; I want it to be as a classy, proper lady. My wife is now mostly understanding and accepting of June. She doesn’t particularly care to see me en femme. However, she is now offering to critique June's appearance through photos, and has self-appointed herself to June's CDH photo post selection committee. Strange isn’t it…she doesn’t want to see me en femme, but will review my photos!? I hope to meet others for friendship. It does not matter if you are in your closet, or like me, have found the door knob and stepped out. If you are happy in your skin, I'd be interested in meeting online, socially, in public, groups, en femme or in drab. There is a caveat, however. I may not respond to an online/site member friendship request, or invitation to meet personally, if you have not completed your CDH profile form, including your profile Bio, and posted a public photo…including your face, at a minimum. I respect and value friendships. Because I have been the target of inappropriate, lewd and unsolicited advances; for both our benefits, I will not accept friendship requests that do not meet these requirements. I want to share, and also seek, experiences with other like-minded souls. To that end, I promise I will not extend a friendship invitation for the sake of adding another number to my list. While I am not a prude, neither will I respond to requests or comments including lecherous overtones. I am a retired degreed engineer, and manager from the aerospace and defense sectors. I enjoy fly fishing, tying my own flies, playing guitar, model railroading, hiking, camping, bicycling, working with wood, helping others, my Jeep, ... almost as much as I enjoy experiences as June. I live part time in OK, and part time in CO. The rest of the time my wife and I are rambling around in our 5th wheel RV enjoying life in these great United States; hiking all the National Parks, and meeting truly wonderful people! Unless you have been out there, the pictures you see are not even close to the beauty and splendor of this country. I have met others of us along my travels. Some en femme…some not. These experiences have been truly wonderful! I was first exposed to this phenomenon in my late 30’s. I was challenged by someone I knew professionally to join them as a female appearing person in an experiment. I was, at first, repulsed! Then, later allowed myself to be talked into giving it a go. Even though I was “made up” by an experienced artist, and the clothes were selected for me to fit the occasion, I saw myself in the mirror looking like a dude in a dress, and backed out of the challenge. But I was infected by that first peek in the mirror… that distorted vision of someone trying to look like someone they were not...and the sensations of it all. I wanted back into those clothes and makeup. I wanted to improve my presentation and to gaze longer than a peek at the reflection in the mirror. I wanted to prove to myself that I could step out in public. And yes, I wanted to feel those sensations, again! Along the way, June has evolved from dressing indelicately, to way too conservative, to a look that presents June as you see today…a classy, proper lady. Even when dressed casually. As you view my photos, I hope you will agree that is how you see June. That doesn’t mean I am “prim”, and don’t have fun. I can do/be both. If you don’t agree, please let me know. If you do agree, please let me know. I like constructive, and positive feedback. June is on a Continuous Improvement journey. As I explore the feminine mystique through the thrills of this phenomenon called Cross Dressing; I ask for your help as you view my photos, by inviting you to offer suggestions/comments on what you see might be improved. Until we meet, I wish you warm regards,

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    Bianca Everdene
    Active Member
    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your story June. It is always wonderful when we receive acceptance and encouragement from anybody. Strange how a brief interaction with a stranger can just make our day. So glad you had the courage to give praise to her superiors, well done I remember the first time the ‘oh oh I’m overdressed’ epiphany hit me Grocery shopping in heels and a dress. D’oh Although remember changing my venue rather than my clothes. Next time I went to a store in the financial district of a nearby city at lunch time. Full of ‘professional’ sorts in suits and… Read more »

    Deborah Sullivan
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Good for you Jane to compliment the worker. I have been a longtime grocery shopper while en femme and understand your observations well. I tend to shop in womens jeans or long skirts with kitten heels ,sandals, or booties and avoid high heels. No one seems to stare

    Joanne Michaels
    1 year ago

    June’s story is marvelous on so many levels. First of all, it points out that if we want truly wonderful things to happen to us, we have to be willing to take educated risks. Had June chosen not to risk being “read” in that grocery store (i.e. gone in male attire), Donna would have been just another grocery checkout clerk. June’s willingness to take a well thought out risk paid dividends beyond her expectations. Secondly, June’s decision to compliment Donna to her supervisor reminds us that it is so very important to “reward” those who recognize us for who we… Read more »

    Cassie Jayson
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Such a lovely story June! My own story, almost a month ago I went to an Ulta store and had my hair colored for my birthday. When I made the apt I told them I was a Cd. I got there early enough to hop into the nearby Target store to buy some nail polish and still had time to paint my toe nails( alternating 2 different shades of pink). Just before I went into the store I had a huge Knot in my stomach. My stylist, Sherie, was great, she put me at ease and asked what I wanted.… Read more »

    Carolyn Kay
    Active Member
    1 year ago

    Hi June, just a wonderful story about your close encounter.you do bring up an interesting point about how most GG dress who are out shopping, just too casual. They have the total ability to look so beautiful yet they just throw something on to go out. We, as CD’s, want to be seen as beautiful women so we go for it. However, we are not going to put on a t-shirt and sweat pants just to blend in, why bother. Once again, very nice article.

    Linda mm Magliore
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Thank June, for your very well written, positive, and inspiring article. I know that there is a desire to be able to go unrecognized in public and just be accepted as a woman, but in this case being “read” turned out to lead to a very fortuitous and happy outcome. It’s great that you kept the good vibes going by praising Donna to her management. I want to strongly endorse your father’s advice about not being afraid to be the best dressed in the room. I think that people with that attitude make the world a livelier and lovelier place.… Read more »

    1 year ago

    I always have close encounters of the 5th kind. I go out of my way to speak with people and I do lighten my voice and speak with a little less force. I’m told that it can pass for a femme voice, but I don’t really worry about it. What people really pick up on is personality, confidence and a friendly smile. I’m often not sure if they realize that I’m TG as I don’t ever see an awkward reaction, but it’s no longer that unusual and as I’m acting normally, it’s never been a “bad encounter.” I noticed long… Read more »

    Trisha Rave
    1 year ago

    You are so right

    Suzanne Jeffries
    Active Member
    8 months ago

    June, I know exactly what you mean. I grocery shop in girl mode about once a week. I started going at night but now I go any time of day that suits me. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and the woman who waited on me said “Girl, you smell good. What are you wearing?” Fortunately, I was able to answer “Good Girl by Carolina Herrera.” My wife introduced me to it recently. It’s a little pricy but well worth it. It was really worth it this day. I left there feeling wonderful. Another thing… Read more »

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