A number of years ago, I got over the idea that I could only express my feminine nature by wearing only skirts and dresses and added women’s trousers to my wardrobe. It only took a few styles to convince me that there was a world of difference between men’s and women’s trousers. The texture of the cloth and the cut are decidedly different. One of the things about wearing pants is that many styles are masculine cut and can be worn when my presentation is masculine. I started wearing women’s jeans exclusively and then found a pair of slacks that would look nice with my blazer or a sweater.

By adding pants to my wardrobe, and certain styles of blouses, I can go anywhere and be around anyone, even those to whom I’m not out, dressed in totally women’s clothes. Thus, I fulfill my need to express my feminine nature and yet still interact with my friends as a man. What’s more, my wife, who’s very cautious about me expressing my feminine nature, is quite OK with this.

Now here’s the interesting part. A couple of years ago I broke my leg and had to wear shorts everywhere. I only had women’s shorts to draw on. Actually, only two pair and only one of them had the masculine cut criteria but the other really pushed the envelope. The first pair that I wore to church had a faux fly and had the look of men’s. However, my wife had worn them to the church picnic the previous summer. My wife and I decided that if someone noticed that I could point out I had the broken leg and use the “temporary” need of shorts as an excuse to “borrow” her shorts. But no one even blinked. Well, you can’t wear the same clothes all the time, so I pressed the other pair into service. They had not the evidence of a fly and had hidden in seam pockets but most damning of all was the fabric. It was a kind of knit that would never be seen in men’s clothing. Relying on the “excuse” I boldly wore them to mid-week service at church. Again, no one blinked.

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After that my appetite for more feminine pants was wetted. I did away with all my men’s slacks and began to wear only my women’s pants everywhere. I tried out wearing my pants that had no hip pockets at all and purchased some that had the fly going to the distaff side and got no reaction. To cut to the chase, I determined to push the envelope to what I felt was the max. I purchased two pair of side zip slacks. NO FLY. One pair is khaki, the same color as the slacks that I’ve been wearing most often to church on Sundays, and the other is black. I had been wearing the black pair with the feminine fly to midweek service most often. The khaki pair has the zipper inside the left pocket with a button on the left hip and the new black pair has the zipper hidden in the left seem and only has decorative small patch pockets on the front. Since we are a bit casual at our church, I don’t have to wear a tie to fit in, so I’ve worn either a sports shirt or a masculine cut blouse, both un-tucked to make the lack of fly less noticeable.

Well, I’ve got to tell you, wearing a pair of pants that make no provision to stand up in the restroom, is very satisfying. There’s just something about that aspect of femininity that makes me feel whole. I think that’s part of the attraction to skirts and dresses. Yet wearing women’s trousers, I get the same satisfaction.

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I'm seventies and have been cross-dressing since I was 9. I'm married to an understanding woman. We've been married for 51 years, 52 come August. We have two grown children and two grandchildren. My daughters know about me, but my son-in-law and grandchildren don't. At home, I'm express my feminine side almost exclusively. I'm free to come and go in that mode as I wish. I have a good wardrobe of women's clothes and nearly no men's clothes. When it is necessary for me to appear as a male, I simply wear the masculine slacks and a "big shirt" from Woman Within that are part of my women's wardrobe. On those occasions, I wear some penny loafers I got from Zappos.

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Kelly brown (@xd-bear)
1 year ago

hi ..I’ve been crossdresser since about 10 my earlest memories was sitting in my bedroom with my sister clothes under the pillow something just clicked it i knew it was wrong to my family. ..but anyway yes I have and still do put girl jeans on it feel there so comfortable in would not go out in public tho because am not the best at tucking but I will one day when I can tuck and go out with confidence

Brianna Lynch (@shy1but2curious)
1 year ago

Hello girls
Enjoyed the article , wondering if some one has some fashion advice for me?
Am looking for better fitting slacks , but I don’t have much of a back side , which cut of slacks would fit me better ?
All advice is greatly , appreciated thank you
Highs Bri

Naomi Duncanson (@bibliando)
1 year ago

Hi girls
I’m blessed with a slightly fem figure and wear pants of all types most often and always tucked when in fem mode , my favorite pants remain rear zip Capris , when teamed with a neat little body suit and heels is the ultimate expression of femininity , easily on par with any traditional dress
Keep enjoying , cheers Naomi d

Heather Roberts
1 year ago

Great article. It’s surprising that what we worry about how people will react to what we wear They don’t notice. I’ve dressed all my life but not till bout a year ago it was at home and sexy things. Since then I’m wearing panties everyday and now it’s summer I’m got women shorts and booty socks (pink, yellow, purple, and polkadot I wear everywhere. I was supposed to the response. Very accepted. Wish I would of done it years earlier. There’s just something about the difference in the material and the snug feel of women’s jeans and short that makes… Read more »

Active Member
Stephanie Kennedy (@qtestephy)
1 year ago

I love woman’s jeans I have 3 pair . I was always a little concearn about VPL .I stopped wearing style and went to hipster or boyfriend panties much more comfortable. No VPL .It is no one business what I am wearing under my jeans any way. Luv Stephanie ❤️

anne-marie (@lamm)
1 year ago

Either you are very lucky or I am unlucky. I once wore a pair of jeggings – which to me just looked lie skinny jeans – to do some shopping one weekend. I was checking out the camera gear in a photography shop when a group of about 6 students (guys and gals) from a local university walked past. Oh said one of the girls, look that guy is wearing womans pants, he must want to look like a girl.. I wonder if he’s wearing a thong – short pause – oh look he is! Look he’s weaing a thong!… Read more »

Dani Bryn Denali (@heelssixnine)
1 year ago
Reply to  anne-marie

Honey, I wouldn’t let a bunch of stupid kids stop you…I say keep on wearing them.

Dani ;]

anne-marie (@lamm)
1 year ago

Dani. Thanks for your encouragement. It did put me off for a while but not permanently. I’ve since re-adapt girl pants as they’re really comfy and imho look great. As I’ve posted somewhere on here, I recently got myself some capri jeans and first time out got some interesting looks as unbeknown to me, I was walking around a local supermarket with the top band of my thong showing above the waste of the capri’s – something for the locals to talk about lol. It’s a bit chilly now to continue to wear the capri’s but hopefully I will be… Read more »

anne-marie (@lamm)
10 months ago

I remember those days and the interesting clothes that both men and women used to wear. I wonder what things might have been like if the technology had exsisted then to integrate elastane into cloth like it does today. Of course thong panties were not as common then as they are today (and I totally love my thong panties) but from observing gg’s, I guess I must also be regularly displaying the tell tale signs of being a thong wearer most of the time lol. Its realy quite interesting to look back and see how far down the en femme… Read more »

julieta nava (@julietabb2)
1 year ago

, i love dress with leggins, they make my feel feminine, althought my problem when dressing is my shoulders and my chest, i also wear jeans raise my the booty , can you advise me how to simulate my shoulders and my chest some tipe of blouse, or bbra o body o gyrdeles thanks

Erica Florida
1 year ago

I enjoy wearing women’s jeans and shorts, though I stick with the ones with zippers in front, even though they tend to be somewhat shorter than the ones on men’s jeans. To add to the feminine feel, though, I get many on ebay used. Just knowing a woman once wore them adds to my personal satisfaction. Panties underneath everyday always too.

anne-marie (@lamm)
10 months ago
Reply to  Erica Florida

I also get quite a lot of my gear s/h from eBay and have the same thrill from thinking about the items having been previously worn by a woman. I think that the zips are shorter as they are to help with putting the item on for women other than in the additional use men make of them. I was a bad shot though so its as well that I tend to sit to pee these days lol. I also agree it has to be panties.

Debbie Bales (@debbieb56)
1 month ago

Hi girls
I just want to say that I switched to womans pants years ago. I find the fit so much more comfortable. Mens Jean’s always hung low between my thighs and were restricting my movement. Also made them split out easily if I stretched to far. Womans pants fit all the way up allowing for very relaxed free movement. Denim 24/7 at Roman’s plus size or also Woman within, both have a good selection of clothes, lingerie. Dresses etc. Both have a good selection and I just buy online. I’m 6′-3″ and find womans tall size fits great.

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