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Dear readers,

It has been almost two months since I last shared with you. Even though I have been far from my keyboard, you have not been far from my thoughts. I have been so blessed in my transgender journey that I feel a tugging need to give back to the community.

As a writer my words, my thoughts and experiences are the way in which I can most deeply honor you. Through my journey I have had many who helped me. There were those who touched me directly in person, but I took no small measure of courage from the articles I read on the Internet and from the stories I got lost in, crafted by talented writers such as Jennifer Boylan.

During these last few months I have discovered a beautiful and powerful part of my life. I believe I’ve been living life the way I was meant to be. As the scars of surgery fade and the waves of recovery ebb I feel healed and whole.

Yet as I don my life fully, I find that I have less time to reflect and share. I go to sleep at night after a full day with so much still undone.

I started Crossdresser Heaven to discover who I was, and to share my journey so that others may find love, encouragement and compassion. Now that I have less time to write for Crossdresser Heaven, I know that I am no longer fulfilling the mission I started with.

I need some help!

A call for contributors

Any online community thrives with regularly updated content that shares a diverse perspective with the world. I want to ensure that Crossdresser Heaven can continue to serve cross dressers, transgender women, those questioning their gender identity and the partners and families of those in the community. So I am asking for your help!

I’m looking for 3 or 4 writers who would be willing to write an article a month for Crossdresser Heaven. If you want to touch thousands with your journey or encourage those just starting their own, please email me at If you want to inspire someone to take their first courageous step, or weep with a wife who just discovered her husband is a cross dresser, please email me.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to keep the community on Crossdresser Heaven strong for years to come.

With hugs and blessings,

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Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.
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6 years ago

It is comforting sharing you all of you and fun reading your posts. I’m not gay but wouldn’t mind going to dinner with one of you. Someday perhaps. I am fully shaved and have been for eight years. Love it. Hey, I am not bad looking! But then that is only my opinion!

6 years ago
Reply to  Charlene

I’m not gay either, and I understand most CDs are not. I shave down too, cant stand body hair.

6 years ago

I sent you an e mail but don’t know if it went. I have a lot of experience writing, so I might be interested in talking more.


6 years ago

LIving as a woman never be happier!.I wear womens clothes all the time,AT 50 I got tired of living the life a male,Iwas unhappy lived day to day.didn,t enjoy Ilet my other self out.Its been hard,I lost my jobs,had to move in with my parents I am looking for jobs as mayan.don,t knowwhat,s next but won,t go back to old life.. .wish I did this years ago . mayan

6 years ago

I love it when I, Mark, become Tanya for a few precious hours. I suppose I crossdress about once or twice a month. A few very close friends know what I get up to but I simply couldn’t tell my family as I would not be able to cope with the shame.. I was about 7 years old when I discovered I got a thrill from wearing my nan’s clip on earrings and fur coats, by the age of 11 I was masturbating while wearing my mothers tights, high heels and lipstick. I married twice but kept my habit a… Read more »

5 years ago

I have always loved long hair< & have waist length hair for 20 yrs. I thought that would satisfy me & it did until my wife didn't want sex anymore. I researched ways to lower my desire & I heard female hormones would help. I was surprised to find that the more I took them, the more I wanted to be a woman!. Now I really want my breasts to grow to C or D size, & I love wearing bras, which I can since they don't show. My wife dosent know yet, but she wants my to be able… Read more »

Mariah Love
Mariah Love
5 years ago

I want to meet a girl that will go with me and help me pick out some lingerie, a nice dress, heels, and make up. And dress me up. I love wearing girl stuff. But i urgently need panties and a few bras, because i usually wear lingerie underneath my guy clothes. If a girl and or women can at least help me buy panties/thongs from victoria secret i will wear them without boxers over them. I need more undies because i had to throw mine away to avoid getting caught. Hopefully some day guys can freely crossdress and wear… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Mariah Love

I know how you feel, as I am closeted and only buy my stuff online, but really would love to have a female take me shopping and have me fitted for a bra, by the sale staff along with many other items and force me to wear them home

Marie Sweets
2 years ago

Hi, have you tried ringing/emailing a Lingerie store to ask them if they measure/fit males. I did and it was a positive experience. It also gave me the confidence to go to department stores in male mode and buy lingerie, nighties and hosiery.

5 years ago

For a long time now I’ve been longing to go out in full dress & make-up, perhaps to a nightclub or shopping. I live in Wales and I’m always looking for somewhere to do this, but alas always lose the confidence to do so. Would love some advice

James Stykemain
5 years ago

I will be meeting with a counselor hopefully tomorrow to help me come out. My wife knows not that I wear women’s panties, my first step was to throw away my men’s underwear and replace them with women’s panties and 2 pair of leggings. I am not sure how to tell her more of how I feel even though we have been married over 35 years.

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