An indian crossdresser in Bangladesh

It’s wonderful to share another crossdressing success story with you dear readers. This story is shared by Mita, who comes all the way from Bangladesh. I had given a thought to helping her with her English grammar, but in the end felt it was more appropriate to leave the story in her words. I know that I would not be as adept sharing my story in a second or third language. There is also something amazing to me, that we share a bond even though our language is so uncommon.

I also want you to know that you don’t need to be Shakespeare to share your crossdressing success story. It only takes a few moments of your time to share a sincere story to uplift your sisters. Please take a moment to write down your real life crossdressing success story (in under 750 words) and send it to me at Include your femme name, a brief introduction and a photo (optional). I’ll share your story with readers of Crossdresser Heaven.

Meet Mita – A Bangladesh Crossdresser

My feminine name is mita. I m 32 from bangladesh. possesses a job.
i like share my story to every body.

Mita’s Bangladesh Crossdresser Experience

I cross dress from 11. I start it with my sisters clothes. On my age 6 or 7 I found a piece of cloth having tape and 2 cup in my elder sisters cloth staff. I asked her what is it. She laughed and said it is Bra & it is for girls only. I become curious on that. On a good morning when my sister out of home to his college just then i took a bra from her wardrobe and tried with it front of mirror. I find me good looking.

Nature Day 3

Then I become crazy about Bra as well as panties. I regularly used to use Bra and panties under my dress.  I used to make me feminine with sari and petticoat and blouse (these three are Bangladeshi women’s dress) which gave me sexy look. But all in secret in my all relations. I think i have to tell some body about my CD story but finding no way.

I start to buy bra, panties, lipsticks, mascara. eyeliner, and other girly dress staff. I used to bought these from shopping mall and of course from sales girls. They ask me for whom i buying these. I answered in a halted breath that for me. They laughed and say can man dress him by women’s clothes.

I answered if you dressed your self with men’s dress  then why man could not use ladies dress, she agree. [Ed: Very perceptive. Woman have the luxury of wearing anything that men wear, but the same luxury is not extended to us]  But asked me one question – why bra? I told her it is basic part of women dress. so i take it if i dress in women cloth.

When i walk I found women walking keeping their bra’s out line is clear. I think it will be thrilling if I could walk in open keeping my bra’s out line clear to all. but what could I do. on a morning as i alone in home I took a pink bra put it then I took a tight T-shirt and go out of home. Out line of bra’s are clear. I felt it thrilling and think it sexy job one.  people on the way stared me and laughed.  Then I started to go out with bra and panties. Some times I take pushup bra so my breast line is clearly visible from my front which astonished other who see me.when I put them I become very happy and crazy.


I started with girly dress of my neighbor, cousin, etc. On day i caught by sister. she told that she suspect this but not asked me. however she helped me a lot with all her ladies staff. then i become very very crazy with CD.

I married at 29. But i still keeping it secret to my wife. I adopted a trick which i telling you. All married CD may use this trick with your wife if you find no way to disclose it to her. On a crazy night we are about to indulge sex. I offered her that this day we may change our role. she asked how? I told her take it that I am your wife and you are my husband. She laughed and agree, And asked me how we can change our role? I told her you take my dress and dressed your self as man  and I am taking your dress for my self. Then I helped her to made her a husband in my dress. She Also helped me to dress me as woman as his(her) wife.

She dressed me with her bra, panties, lingerie’s, scarf, lipsticks, rose, mascara, eye liner, etc. After made me a woman she laughed and told me that Wow, you look like a beautiful sexy woman. I laughed and though my trick is successful. she took it as a pleasure and game. after that day we play this game many times. so now i am not worried  about what my wife think with my CDing. When i become crazy to be CD, i offer her and with her help I making me a woman as i like when and were. One day we go out as two sister’s. she dressed me all the way she know. we traveled many places, no body found it that a man is travelling and passing in the sexy dress of woman.

However, I like to tell that, my ass is some bigger than that of general man  and my breast is also. A 36 bra is easy fitting with this. Now when i typing this i am in a bra and panties.

Mita, thank you for sharing your story. For anyone who is contemplating telling your wife, I don’t recommend Mita’s approach. It might work for a few people, but things can go disastrously wrong. If she finds out the truth she’ll feel betrayed because you lied to her. Be very careful. I wrote some thoughts on how to tell your wife you crossdress.


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Robiul Islam
3 years ago

Hi iam boy iam like crosdresser ..relathon ship call me 01648398082

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