I always dress en femme when I am traveling on business. Most of my trips are by car and occasionally I fly.  This was to be a short trip to the Chicago area for an audit.  I drove up on Wednesday stopping in Merriville for some shopping at the Macy’s and JCPenneys.  I prefer Kohl’s but they still have their fitting rooms closed.

Anyways I had a great non-eventful trip up and even found a new blouse.  Dinner at Chili’s car-to-go and back to the hotel.  Fairfield has mobile-key check-in so I do not have to interact with the front desk although I have checked in en femme before with no issues.

It was a successful trip and time to go back home on Friday.  It had snowed overnight and I did not have a brush to clean off the rental car.  So I took a towel and went out in the frigid cold to clean the car and pack up.  It was a difficult drive for the first few hours as the snow was still coming down and with the Chicago winds there were drifts everywhere.

Once I got back to Indiana though the roads cleared up and I was booking along 79 in a 70.  I saw the trooper in the median, but I have never been pulled over as long as you stay below 11 over.  However, I looked in the mirror and he was pulling out.  OH Sh$t.  He couldn’t be for me though.  I moved over to the middle lane and he pulled up just beside and behind me for about a half mile.  Then he pulled behind me and popped on the lights.

EnFemme Style

This is the first time I had been stopped in 15 years and never while dressed.  I pulled over and he approached on the passenger side.  He asked for my license and registration.  I had to explain it was a rental and my registration was on my phone.  I showed it to him.  He then told me he had pulled me over because my plate was not visible.  It turns out my drive earlier in the snow and covered the back of the car white and you could not see anything.

He was very cordial but did write me a warning ticket.  He even cleaned off the plate for me.  Nothing was said about the discrepancy between my Drivers License and my appearance.  He said good-bye and I was on my way.  Whew!

About 30 minutes later I look in the mirror and again there is a state cop with his lights on.  I had New York Plates so I figure I am being targeted.  Turns out though he was not out for me, I pulled over and he passed going to an accident on the other side of the Interstate.

And on I continued.  As I got closer to home there was some construction I had forgotten about and I got re-routed though this really small town.  Wouldn’t you guess there was a sheriff sitting by the side of the road.  I am guessing a speed trap.  Fortunately, I hadn’t been speeding but guess what.  I pass and he pulls out behind me.  Not again.  He follows me for about a mile and then pulls off.  I guess my New York Plates were being checked.

Overall it was a great trip and I did get to do some more shopping on the way home and even found one more blouse to buy.  But I have seen enough Police for this week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Please take the time to send in either a response to my article or one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you below.

*Have you ever been pulled over by a police office while you have your total girl on and how did it go?

*Have you never gone out driving in your vehicle for fear of either getting pulled over by the police or by getting in an accident while dressed fully en femme?

*How about gaining access to a bar or club which required showing your driver’s license shown towards the front door before entering. How did that situation go if you were dressed totally en femme and you looked nothing like the photo on your driver’s license?

Thanks girls for reading my article and looking forward to your possible responses to my article or questions!

Sincerely, Diana



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Diana Stockton

I started dressing about 45 years ago. I still remember that first dress of my mothers I put on in the closet for fear my brother would find me. It was a yellow sweater dress. I cannot remember my motivations to do so. Even today I still do not understand them. However my dressing seems to be taking a bigger part of my life as I age.

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Samantha Moore
2 years ago

Thank you for this article. I have terrible time with law enforcement of all forms…..sheriff, highway patrol, INS, Homeland Security (I cross borders a good bit) and have been profiled as some kind of “person of color.” for over three decades. I am worried about driving en femme and being pulled over. As it is I already am grilled, searched, delayed…..but en femme I have no idea what to expect. I am glad to hear so many ladies here have had these sort of interactions with nary a problem.

Samantha Peders
Active Member
2 years ago

There used to be a consignment shop I would go to as Samantha. I don’t really pass, but I figured I was trying on dresses skirts and blouses and shoes. I would rather be wearing a bra and forms when trying on clothing and the proprietor was very friendly with me and would ask me to show her what the dresses look like on me. This is the southeastern United States so there are a lot of close-minded people and one or two made comments and left the store after seeing me in feminine clothing. She defended me unequivocally and… Read more »

Linda Lee
2 years ago

I can relate to the consignment shop story I have on two occasions been told by the shop operator she doesn’t want close minded customers they also insist I model for them one shop owner said she would kill for my legs

Active Member
2 years ago

I am retired law enforcement. I got pulled over once while enfemme. I didn’t show my PD ID and was able to talk my way out of the situation. I also had a accident while enfemme and exchanged information with the other driver. There is no law as far as I know for driving enfemme. Most officers today know about us. Just be polite and give the officer your information. And most importantly don’t drive drunk.

Cindy Jones
2 years ago

Hi Diane, Thanks for the wonderful article. This is a re-print from previous forum post on “Close Calls”… Ok, here’s one from a long time ago when I was young and stupid (now I’m just old and stupid). This takes a little setting up… I used to travel (by car) quite a lot for work. So to pass away the evenings, I would dress up and take a long drive on the interstate. I would enjoy turning on my dome light and teasing the truckers as they would pass by. Soon after, I installed a CB radio so I could hear what they were saying… Read more »

Susan Smith
2 years ago

Hi Diana I haven’t had an encounter with the police dressed. I don’t go out that often dressed and only places I know that are friendly to crossdressers , but this week I had an appointment at the Secretary of State and I thought I would take a chance and go dressed , I didn’t know what to expect. I thought about It all weekend and Monday I decided to go dressed . I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I was treated with respect the woman helping me was so kind and helpful. the… Read more »

Diane Johnson
2 years ago

Thanks Diana for sharing. I love driving enfemme but terrified if I get pulled over. I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone. Yikes!

Anastasia Irish
Active Member
2 years ago

Great article. I have never been pulled over dressed. Although I was out one night with a girlfriend and I was dressed. She has a convertable and as we were waiting at a light a police car pulled up next to us. The partner said something to the driver and they both looked at us. Thankfully I passed just enough in the low light that they just moved on. Part of me thinks they knew something wasn’t quite right. Haven’t had the chance in a bar yet. Even though we were headed there that night and the cops scared me… Read more »

Brenda Scott
Active Member
2 years ago

I rarely post but had to on this topic. I often do go out dressed up and behind the wheel. There is nothing illegal about doing just that. If you get pulled over show your legal ID, not some fake ID. I got pulled over a few years ago, it was just a equipment issue (tail light). I handed my drivers license. In this case it was a local city Police officer, a lady. She actually didn’t say anything about how I was dressed and no matter how much make up you might put on you don’t look that much… Read more »

Brenda Scott
Active Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Diana Stockton

Agree that the TSA is likely going to focus in on us but it’s not illegal to fly dressed up. I too usually get singled out when flying as my feminine self as opposed to my birth gender. But I just keep mindful that they are there to keep us safe. Also the TSA is not seeing something they’ve never seen before. I also can remember flying decades ago, in male mode, when someone got on the flight. She was a CD who dressed very well but I could tell. She wore a black skirt suit, white blouse, and black… Read more »

Dawn Judson
Active Member
1 year ago

Hi Diana,

I’ve never been stopped by a cop, but I was once involved in a fender-bender while en femme. We exchanged information including drivers licenses & I said, “Obviously, I’m really male.” He said, “Whatever. Don’t matter to me.”

Barbie Satin
1 year ago

I was never pulled over but it was one of my biggest fears. I drove all over four states and DC dressed in fetish wear back in 1995 and 96. I always made sure to drive the speed limit and use extra caution.

I did have a run in with the NYPD back in 97 while out dressed where I was force marched five blocks with the cop following me with his spotlight on me and lights all lit up.

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