As I walk about the house fully dressed as JoJo, I find it not so easy to do normal things while wearing high heels. I ask myself why don’t, I just take them off and wear flats to make life easier, but I cannot come up with an answer and can’t bring myself to take them off.

This got me wondering, as I recently told a couple of close family members about JoJo, I wondered how I would answer if they asked me why I want to wear female clothing. The only answer I can think of is that it is not a case of wanting to but more a need to dress, as something in my psychological makeup gets me depressed whenever I have to go for long periods as my totally male persona.

I ask myself if I want to transition full time and while I am dressed the answer is always yes, however, when I am in male mode carrying out male dominated tasks (I wouldn’t dream of concreting while wearing a nice dress LOL) the answer is always different. Am I unusual in this respect or do you girls question yourselves in this way too?

I cannot be sure when the need to dress started in my life although one of my early memories was when I was about 9 years old, 2 friends and I (the friends were twin brother and sister the same age as me) found the door to an old unused church hall was not locked so being adventurous we went inside. We found many things of interest but the thing I remember most was some pleated white gym skirts that we put on and were running around the streets wearing them. Of course, at that age I had no idea about cross dressing. My next memory was just before puberty I found myself fascinated by my older sister’s underwear drawer where she had many pairs of tights. I succumbed to temptation and tried a pair on, whoa! This felt so good I kept on adding pairs until they were so tight I could hardly move or breath. I don’t know if she ever knew about my regular foraging of her tights, but I have loved the feel of wearing them ever since. Luckily, as life moved on and I got married, my wife and I would play games which resulted in me trying on her panties and stockings, and from there Jojo developed fully and is a big part of our married happiness.

I count myself lucky to have such a loving supportive wife and we often buy Jojo clothes together, which makes life easier in the shops, which brings me back to wearing high heels around the house so often and not having the will to remove them to do mundane tasks.

Do you girls have the same reluctance to remove your female garb? Do you have a different personality when you are dressed? Does the world seem to be a nicer place when you are en femme?

All I know is that I will never stop being Jojo and even when my time on this rock is over, I want to be put to rest as my female self.

Love to you all. xx Jojo

PS that is part of my wife’s leg at the bottom of the pic.



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    Trusted Member
    11 months ago

    Hi JoJo, thank you for a great article! I agree you are fortunate. My wife would not allow Brielle access to the bedroom and my decision to transition was the last in a long line of conflicts that is ending our marriage this winter, after over 41 years. It’s funny, I was always like others when it came to heels. Never had any shoes that had less than a 4″ stiletto. But this last year, maybe it is that I am transitioning, but I now wear lower heels and have my new favorite shoes – gladiator sandals with a back… Read more »

    Trusted Member
    11 months ago
    Reply to  Jo Jo Sweet

    Hi Jojo, thanks, but there were a lot of other problems that would have brought us to the same point eventually. The transitioning may have sped up things a little. At least I’ve found my true self and allowed her to blossom, which is such a benefit it makes the separation bearable. My wife and I are committed to be good friends after we get past the initial trauma. She at least is supportive of my transition journey.



    Rhonda Lee
    Active Member
    11 months ago

    I totally understand your reluctance to remove female garb. For you it is heels, for me a bra. The last thing I remove after days out as Rhonda is my nail polish. I wait until the very last minute to do this, and sometimes that proves awkward, as I forget I have polish on before needing to meet someone or perhaps remove clothes for a massage or whatever. I now leave toenail polish on for all such things, even when going to the beach or dipping into a jacuzzi. I have started wondering lately as to whether I can manage… Read more »

    Rose Sapora
    11 months ago

    Hi there! I loved the article. I too work in the trades while I do underdress almost daily ( especially with the cold) I know I can’t transition yet for my work. The men there have continually made vulgar comments on anyone transitioning or gay for that matter. I’ve been teased a lot too and I am not “out of the closet” My wife knows about it all but made me choose. There is no middle ground though I wear a bra once in awhile around her (I always wear panties) I am glad everything is working out for you!

    Catharine Connall
    10 months ago

    Yes, I am always reluctant to take off my female things, I always want to leave them on longer. Yes to the other questions too, Catharine smiles and is happy. Male me isn’t like that. Thank you for the article. Congratulations on having such a wonderful wife.

    Elah Aloe
    Elah Aloe
    10 months ago

    Dear Jo jo ,
       You said “  it is not a case of wanting to but more a need to dress, “ And “  (I wouldn’t dream of concreting while wearing a nice dress LOL) “ , Well that hits so very wonderfully close to home ! 
    Thank you

    Ally Syn
    8 months ago

    Hi Jo Jo. Great article and yes, I am that sucker for heals, unloading a full car on a steep slope in the rain in 4” heals wondering if any sane women would be doing this … but i took to heals like a duck to water. I confess there are times I take my wig off when I am changing … sometimes I think I am a cross changer … part of the learning i guess … and I get this incomplete feeling. Not sure on being laid to rest … open or closed casket – lol. Jokes aside… Read more »

    Kristen Smithly
    Active Member
    7 months ago

    Hi JoJo,
    I am retired now, but I am can’t seem to do any ‘good’ housework in drab, what I do is kind of half assed, but when I am dressed I do a fantastic job! It just feels right. I don’t think wearing a dress while pouring concrete would be a good thing, and especially not while wearing heels!

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