Crossdressing at Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the readers of Crossdresser Heaven. May your Christmas be filled with the joy of special moments and the love of special people.

With blessings to you and those you hold dear.


Transgender Heaven - Gender Journey

Vicki has written some of her thoughts this Christmas, which I’d like to share with you as you celebrate the festive season.

Crossdressing, Christmas Time and God’s Love

Wow, what a year this has been. One year ago today, just home from work, snowbound on Christmas Eve, I chanced upon this wonderful little site called Crossdresser Heaven. It was just what I’d been looking for, a place to talk about Crossdressing, but also a place where one could find some good Christian support for this little hobby, or maybe better to say, lifestyle of ours. It may have been percolating in my mind a bit, but I still hadn’t figured out a way to get the thoughts and ideas I had about my feminine side and it’s relation to my spiritual side out and onto paper, though I knew I had to somehow. Finally a place to discuss it and perhaps rummage around in my “closet”, and a few other closets as well to figure out how it all fit together.

Little did I know that I’d be contributing, much less did I know that before the year has elapsed I’d be taking my first steps in the real world with our lovely and talented hostess Vanessa.

We are asked at this time of year though to step back a moment, and focus on the reason for Christmas. Trust me it sometimes is hard to find much of anything in Scripture about crossdressing, and in the one place it is mentioned it is regarded as an abomination in God’s eyes. Not much hope to go on there is it? But that tends to categorize us as somehow different, and though in society’s eyes we are, the story of the birth of Christ tells us that we are all a part of God’s fallen world, sinful, screwed up, dead in some ways to hope and promise. In God’s eyes there is no differentiation. God looks on the world and sees a place that needs His Saving Grace.

I have many favorite parts of the Christmas story, I love to sit in a hushed church on Christmas Eve and be reminded of the way Christ came into our world to be God among us, Immanuel. There is a special silence that seems to fall on this night that is different than any other. It may simply be that when I leave church, nothing is open and the rest of the world is inside. Not everyone of course, for there are still those that are homeless, in search of a place to lay their heads. And there it is, that part of the tale that connects us intimately with God, or rather connects God intimately with us. For on the night of His birth he too was “homeless”, weary from a long journey, showing up perhaps after everything was closed, they had no place to rest, no place for Mary to give birth but the stable. If God, King of Kings had wanted to establish His special place of birth, to place Himself above us in His Kingdom, he could have done much better. But He didn’t, He chose to be born into a place of squalor, with animals as His bedmates, in a hidden dark corner of a tiny village in the Middle East. He came in humble birth to announce that He is with us to live our experience, not to preach about how we should change who we are, but to say I love you and accept you because I’ve been there, and all I want is for you to love and be loved, by Me, but to also love each other as I have loved you first.

From that birth story we take this message, that God truly is Immanuel, God among us. He has been in the dark corner we have all been in, He has and still to this day experiences our pains as well as our joys. Having been exactly where each of us has been, His only response is to love us. How can He not, for to do so would be to not love Himself.

Peace to all on this Christmas 2009. May you all be Blessed and come to accept the Love God pours out to us all.


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i hope that all you lades out thar have a good day and i love you all

Thank you so very much for wishing me a Merry Christmas.And for you all,Merry Christmas to all of you and the staff.Again,Thank You.Bye,Bye,Hug’s and Kiss’s.

Thank you for the Christmas greetings, Vanesa and Vicki. May you both have a wonderous Christmas season, all 12 days!


Dear Vanessa & Vicki,

Thank you for your wonderful words today. I hope and pray that God will continually to bless ya’ll always.

May ya’ll both have a very Merry Christmas.

Veronica =)

vanessa,thanks for this wonderful web site,it is such a relief to have all this information. merry christmas to you @all our sisters. thanks megan

Very nice love your words, hope you all had a nice christmas. I am new here i am more transexual but will never change so crossdressing is it, lived this by myself. learning crossdressers are more freindly hope to meet some people to talk to. again awesome words Stacy

Hi Stacy, I’m Ragina. Welcome to this world we call transgenderism. I hope you had a great Christmas. I would love to talk to any and all of my sisters all over the world. Please feel free to E-mail me at


My new years resolution is almost there. I have been transitiong for a while now I work and live as a woman 24/7 and had my name legally changed and my dream is almost there.
Lynn Jones

Merry Christmas and here’s to a good new year.

Karen Good

As (pariah the thought) Christmas will be here before we can notice I thought your crossdresser and christianity readers would enjoy this Christmas, Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Mary's dream I had a dream Joseph. I don't understand it, not really, but I think it was about a birthday celebration for our Son. I think that was what it was all about. The people had been preparing for it for about six weeks. They had decorated the house and bought elaborate gifts. It was peculiar, though because the presents weren't for our Son. They wrapped them in beautiful… Read more »
Karen Good

part 2 There was a figure on top of the tree. It looked like an Angel might look. Oh it was beautiful. Everyone was laughing and happy. They were all excited about the gifts. They gave the gifts to each other, Joseph, not to our Son. I don't think they even knew Him. They never mentioned His name. Doesn't it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate someone's birthday if they don't know Him. I had the strangest feeling that if our Son had gone to this celebration, He would have been intruding. Everything was… Read more »
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