So I’m a long time crossdresser who has decided to come out to his wife after 23 years of marriage.   So why now you might ask.  There are two reasons, the first being me going through a health scare which caused me to accept my mortality and the second being that I retired early and now have the time I never had to explore being Carole.  Prior to that Carole was only able to come out on a very sporadic basis.

As a result of my renewed desire to be Carole I have gotten a therapist and also have explored CDH to a much greater degree than when I joined a while back.  I have made some great friends for which one has become a closer friend than most of my male persona friends I have known in person for decades.  I am able to share who I am with her and she has been so great with her friendship, her ear to listen to me and her advice and counsel.  Other friends on CDH have been so kind and caring, the network is unbelievable! Then add the Chat feature where you can talk to so many girls that share their experiences, dreams and advice.  We even had an online bachelorette party for one of the girls one time! To all of my friends, whether I talk to you everyday or once in a while, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Lastly the articles and forums provide an unfathomable amount of information.  I never realized what was at my fingertips until I needed it   Thank you to all of those that make CDH what it is!

My fourth visit to my therapist is in a few days.  I had gone to her for one visit a few years ago and told her it was all about work stress and that I needed her help but bailed on going to see her after my wife saw the remaining bill from our insurance company.  So going back to her, she was ready to follow up on the stress conversation until a few minutes in I blurted out that I was a crossdresser.  I remember thinking as she was talking to me, should I tell her or not tell her but I am so glad that I did. Through our conversations I have discovered a few things.

The first being that I have had deep feelings of being ashamed and embarrassed of my other which resulted in me being aggressive in other behaviors such as being more masculine, not showing my feelings, and being right in everything.  Being right meant that I would debate with my wife as I had to be right on any issue small or large. I now realize that it was my insecurities about who I was that caused me to over compensate.  This led to me writing an apology letter to her and to also do it in person.  I cried writing the note as I felt so bad but also because it was such a release of my feelings.  The second revelation is that I realized that I have been alone my whole life with regards to being Carole but that meant I could never share my whole self  with anyone  I had to hide and not let people know that feminine side of me.  The realization of the weight of carrying that secret of mine finally came to light.  It was immense once I reflected on its toll it had taken on me.

Nature Day 3

So that brings me to today. My plan is to tell my wife about me and about that other side of me in the next 45 or so days.  My therapist has been very helpful with helping me plan it out. Maybe not plan but more so to put some structure around it.  Everyone’s situation is different so you don’t know what the reaction will be. My normal type of person wants to follow a playbook that will lead to success.  That’s not me anymore though. Everything can’t be planned out.  I’m going to tell her, I owe her that much and then she can make the decision. The advice from those that have done it is the same…go slow, communicate and give her time. All of which is great advice!

I’m more scared than anytime in my whole life.  My life will change for sure and it could be changed quite dramatically. However, in the end, my hope is the value of the weight being off my back will offset the pain I will cause. When we’ve had “The Talk” and when that conversation is over, my hope is my wife and I will be in better places … hopefully together!

Wish me luck ☘️ Sincerely, Carole

  • Have you had “The Talk” with your wife and how did it go?
  • Did your wife have a pile of questions after you detailed your thrill of cross dressing dating back to when you were a young boy?
  • When you had “The Talk” with your wife, did you tell her everything or hold back some information and if so, what didn’t you tell her?

Thank you girls so very much for taking the time to read my article and please take a moment to leave a response to my article or to one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you above.

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    Carole Corbett

    So my story is nothing new…have been dressing my whole life and attracted to women’s clothes and their look since I was young…maybe 10-11 years old. Didn’t understand it but could not stop. Purged many times thinking I could stop but I’ve come to realize that you can’t. Married to a wonderful wife and have a great family who doesn’t know. Want to tell my wife and am planning on doing it assuming I get the courage ! Updated profile So I started going to a therapist. My pending retirement (no longer able to travel and dress) was just tired of hiding caused me to focus on telling my wife. First thing accomplished with my therapist was to accept myself. I finally admitted to myself that I was alone my whole life and that I was a good person that deserved to be happy ! Next step was to tell my wife. I agonized over writing the letter to her telling her about Carole. D Day came, I was a wreck and finally gave her the letter. She came into the bedroom after reading it and told me she knew, that she found some photos a few years ago and had been trying to process it all. She was happy that I told her and we talked into the morning. Lots of talking, connecting her with another CDH girls wife ( it was good for her to see she’s far from alone) and focus on today versus worrying about what could happy got us to where we are today. She accepts Carole and supports me but it’s still a work in process. We have gone out a few times together as girlfriends and had fun. She has even bought Carole a few things. While our marriage and her are my number one…Carole is a close second. It is my belief that making sure that she knew that her and our marriage was number one caused my wife to drop her guard and open up to letting Carole in. We don’t know what the future will bring…I don’t think I want to transition but I told her I can’t promise it. We like in the day which has helped us immensely. Life can throw you many curveballs so why worry about the future. This thinking has brought us closer together than ever before . Getting out more than ever and loving it. Even went to a stylist who helped me with my wardrobe. That was a huge confidence builder. So focusing now on makeup, mannerisms, my weight and getting out. I love it. We shall see where this takes me!

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    Holly Morris
    Holly Morris
    1 year ago

    Hi Carole. I just read your article here and realize that it was written almost a year ago. I hope and pray that all went well with you when you came out to her. I waited about the same length of time in my marriage to tell my wife, and yes, it was a painful time. I had hidden Holly from her since the beginning, so like you, I had been carrying this secret about myself around with no one, other than my online sisters, to share it with. Like you, I was scared about what the outcome would be.… Read more »

    Staci Gal
    Active Member
    1 year ago

    Carole, Yes after reading your story, I too was wondering, how did it go? Telling your wife can be very difficult. I did it, gradually, and fortunately she only flipped out a little bit. We saw a counselor and worked things out. Surprisingly, when I told the counselor, she was not all that concerned about the crossdressing, but wanted us to work the conflict out. Either deal with it or the ultimate solution was to each of us to go our separate ways. Neither of us wanted that, so we worked out a compromise. Best of luck to you and… Read more »

    Kim Dahlenbergen' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Kim Dahlenbergen
    1 year ago
    Reply to  Staci Gal

    Staci, i read your comment with interest. My wife and I were in a similar place. After I came out as transgender, she struggled emotionally and finally we went to a therapist together. She left that session seemingly fine, we agreed to give her a break from seeing me dressed, and agreed to talk if anything was bothering either of us. 18 months of silence later she asked me to move out. I think my experience was an outlier, but it was also a brutally difficult time for me. I hope its gone better for you!

    Kim Dahlenbergen' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Kim Dahlenbergen
    1 year ago

    I to came upon this article long after you had planned to come out to your wife. I hope it went well. If you see this message, let us know how things transpired. Fingers crossed!

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