Note: This article is a continuation of my previous article. Enjoy sisters!

After my Daddy accepted me being a CD, everything changed for the better. We now have a new respect and understanding for one another. My Daddy felt I should reveal that I’m a CD to my Mommy as well. So back in January of 2021, she visited my Daddy and me for one week at my place. On January 11, 2021, I decided to reveal Revel to my Mommy! I remember that I wore a cute fuzzy snowman dress and a red knit hat. My Mommy was in the living room waiting with her eyes closed, and my Daddy was sitting alongside her. Then I walked out and said “open your eyes for a surprise” and when she opened them, she was amazed and said “wow” then I said “hello Mommy, my name is Revel” and she had a great big smile on her face! Afterward, I came back out and wore my best red dress, my red felt hat with roses on the side, and presented her a rose for having acceptance in her heart. Later on in the evening, I showed her my beautiful CD bathroom and modeled some more outfits. My Mommy was happy for me because not only she always wanted another daughter, but she could tell how happy and radiant I became when I’m Revel. Before she left, I gave her a Christmas stocking with a dark red embroidered “R” on it so she could remember her daughter Revel. At the time, my sibling sister didn’t know about Revel so when she questioned what the “R” meant on the stocking, my Mommy told her that it meant “rejoice” and I thought that was touching. My sibling sister has a difficult time keeping a secret so at first, my Mommy thought it would be best to keep me being a CD a secret, but after giving it more thought, she felt it was best to tell my sibling sister that she has a beautiful sister. The old saying is “Mother knows best” so on August 11, 2021, I finally decided to reveal Revel to my sibling sister…

My sister decided to take a trip by herself to visit my Daddy and me at my place. When my sister arrived, and I saw her standing outside by her car, I ran up to her and gave her a great big hug. It was great to see her. We had a pizza and relaxed a while. It wasn’t Halloween so just like with my Mommy, I had to be cautious. I asked her the same question that I asked my Mommy. How do you feel about the LGBTQ community, specifically transgender people? Are you okay with crossdressers and transgenders? She explained that she’s a Christian, and shouldn’t judge them because no matter what she thought, they’re going to do what they want to anyway. She further explained that she knows some transgender people, and clearly knew the difference between a CD and a TG. After I knew that she was okay with them, I had her promise not to tell anyone what she was about to see without my permission. Then after the discussion, I decided to jog down the road awhile to get some fresh air and clear my mind. My sister was so curious as to what was going on, she met me on the road before I got back home, but she didn’t push to find out more. After we went back to my place, it was time for the revealing! I put on my best red dress, my red felt hat with the roses on the side, wore red lipstick, had nice shaved legs, and I was wearing black high heels. My makeup and outfit looked perfect. When it was time to go out, I had my Daddy cover her eyes. So I walked out in front of her, and she said “I hear high heels” and I said my line “open your eyes for a surprise” and when Daddy took his hands off her eyes, she looked at me and said “whoa” followed by “wow” and was breathless! I said “hello sister, we finally meet” and Daddy said “tell your sister your name” and I said “my name is Revel” and explained to her that the word “revel” means intense enjoyment or great pleasure. I explained to her that I have been cross-dressing since July 11, 2018. My sister later explained that she wasn’t only impressed by how I looked, but how I acted. When she was looking at me, she didn’t think of just a man wearing women’s clothing, she felt a radiant personality – completely different than my male persona. She explained that she always wanted a sister, and she was jealous because I had a better shape than her. However, we both decided to have a photoshoot and pose while our Daddy took pictures. Later on in the evening, she called our Mommy so we could video chat on her cell phone, and she was so touched to see her two daughters finally together. It was such a memorable occasion. After only two days, my sister had to leave to go back to the Twin Cities for an appointment. I thanked her before she left for having acceptance in her heart, send my love to our Mommy, and mentioned I thought this would bring us closer together. At the parting, I was dressed up wearing a cute cowgirl outfit. I had on a black hat, white blouse, black bib shorts, and dark red leather boots. Before she drove away, she blew me a kiss, and I blew one back. As she drove away, I waved my hat with a tear in my eye, and I’m looking forward to her return. I love my sister. She plans on losing weight, and Revel will be her role model to help motivate her. In the future, we plan on doing more photoshoots together. I’m a lucky girl to have such a loving family with acceptance in their hearts. Our parents are happy to know about my sister accepting her sister.

Not only my immediate family has acceptance in their hearts, but I also feel that CDH is my family as well. We help and learn from one another. Joining CDH is one of the best decisions that I ever made, and I truly feel accepted here not only as a member but as a sister. Thank you sisters for making me feel like you are my family too. If you enjoyed my article, please leave a kind comment below, or take the time to answer one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you below:

  • How many of your immediate family members have you shared your secret of your thrill of crossdressing?
  • Were they all accepting of your crossdressing or were some family members not accepting of your crossdressing?
  • Would you like to share a specific individual reaction from one or more of your immediate family members with me?

Thank you all so very much for reading my story and I so look forward to your responses to my story or to my questions noted above!

Sincerely, Revel


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I was going through a kind of midlife crisis until I listened to some advice from actor Bill Duke on the importance of loving yourself. This excellent advice changed my life. It was the best advice that I ever heard. Thank you, Bill! He played "Mac" in the classic 1987 movie "Predator" filmed in Mexico. I started loving myself and having a new respect for myself. I eventually got into the art of cross-dressing, and it changed my life for the better. I love watching soaps! I watch The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful every weekday. My favorite characters in Y&R are Victor, Nikki, and Audra. I have the Y&R logo on my cover image to show that I'm a fan. I love Y&R. ❤️ My elderly "Daddy" has acceptance in his heart. We have a unique relationship, and a new respect and understanding for one another. This all started on Halloween 2020. I wrote an article about it, and it has been published under "Hodgepodge" here at CDH. I have my own place out in the country, and it's a quiet, private, and peaceful life. It's like a piece of Heaven! My "CD Anniversary" took place on July 11, 2018. I decided to finally join CDH on December 5, 2020. I've had two articles published here at CDH, and started interesting polls/topics. I also have a nice private photo gallery. Check it out! The month of July 2022 was very special to me. I became a "Featured Member" on July 9, 2022. My dearest Sofia "Sofy" Hurtado and I met here at CDH back in July 2022 as well. Love you, Sofy! I'm very proud to be a Baroness and Noble Member here. CDH has been a blessing to me. Thank you CDH.

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Kerri Smith
1 year ago

Except for you ladies on this site, my wife is the only person who knows about my cross dressing. I accident outed myself to her when she got on my iPad and saw a photo of me dressed. So we had are little talk and she asked me if I was gay(no). We haven’t talked about the subject again. Now we are separated and in the divorce process. I guess now it doesn’t matter what she thinks of me.

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