There is an event that I believe all young crossdressers should have someday: “Sweet Sixteen.”

Many of these parties are currently in style; a ritual to begin the transition to adulthood.

In Latin America, there are “quinceañera” parties, to celebrate a girl’s 15th birthday and to symbolize the beginning of the transition into adult life—from girl to woman.

The photo that illustrates this article shows several models of dress for a “quinceañera” event.

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The two parties are celebrated in the form of a ball with music, waltz, and dance as a homage to the birthday girl and – of course – the birthday cake. In addition, there may also be a mass and other types of events to complete the party.

When I was that age, I was not interested in women’s clothing other than a bra, nor did I participate in a party of this type – not even as a guest.

I confess that I want to participate (or have participated) … as a “quinceañera,” of course.

That’s because I thought the long and beautiful “sweet sixteen” dresses were beautiful.

If you search for these models on the internet, even in the Google image bank, you can’t help but fall in love with each model.

If I had been born a woman, things would have been easier. In addition to being able to wear a bra in peace, I could wear beautiful dresses like the one in the photo – not that I want to change my sex, far from it.

I still think that even though I’m over 16, I wish to one day experience this feeling – not the party, but the dress.

It doesn’t even have to be such a stylish dress; I think that a “Belle” costume from Beauty and Beast (the yellow dress) would be sufficient. I think that dress is the most beautiful of all the Disney dresses.

I don’t have any children yet, but I would prefer to have a daughter. The one thing I guarantee; there will be plenty of beautiful parties and a beautiful “sweet sixteen” party for her. Maybe as my way to make up for the ones I didn’t have.

If I have only a son, maybe he wants to try it …

There happens to be a YouTube channel that shows the work an artisan does in transforming boys into a “quinceañera.” He actually transform men to make them look interesting.

In addition to the beautiful dress, jewelry, makeup, and accessories, he completes the image of the “princess day” of the birthday girl.

Having a “princess day” is the dream of every girl and boy who likes to dress like a girl – and every woman and every man who likes to dress like a woman.

After all, the princess is the pure state of beauty and femininity. It is what we all dream of.

I think the pandemic will help humanity in one way; people will realize how short life can be, and in that way, will hopefully enable them to enjoy it more. To live it better and in the way they like it without fear of judgment or prejudice from others.

And if you want to at least try on a princess, ball, quinceañera, or even a bride dress—do it!

Do you feel like wearing a “quinceañera” dress?

If you already wore it, how did you feel?

Did you want to have a “sweet sixteen”?

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it helped you.

Marie Claire


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Alison Anderson
Active Member
2 years ago

In October, 2015, my friend was having a party for her 10th anniversary in the transformation business. She held it in a hotel ball room with a large number of people in attendance. I wore a fuchsia quinceañera gown with organza ruffles and even a train. I also had on a tiara on my head and pink chunky sparkly heels on my feet. While dealing with the train was sometimes difficult (try bringing food from the buffet back to your table while holding the train), it was definitely a magical evening, and I got lots of attention and compliments that… Read more »

Cheryl Ann (Cassie) Sanders
Active Member

I would love for a Latinx to explain to me why so many parents pay (what must be a lot of money to) this service to have their sons celebrate en femme as a quinceañera. There are many videos on this website in which the whole family celebrates together this way. The quinceañera even often has the usual quinceañera “court" of girls from his school at “her" party; and dances as a girl with his male friends from school, futbol, etc. If you haven’t seen the website, just google “Fabricio Castro Fotografia". Maybe it’s just stereotyping, but I always believed… Read more »

Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
2 years ago

Yes it is a lovely custom and here in US we use to have debutants parties for coming out at age 16 or 17. Would be nice if we cds could have a coming out party like that in gowns and ruffles and tiaras.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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