Having kept Rebecca a secret for so many years, when I retired last October I knew that it was time to give her freedom. I began by visiting Manchester in the north of England for a few days. I took more female items (clothes, makeup and shoes) than male. I was still rather secretive for most of the trip, dressing female as Rebecca only in the hotel room.

During my stay, I twice visited a shop called Transformation. On my first visit, I purchased two wigs and natural silicone breasts. On my second visit on the last day, having checked out of the hotel I went to the shop for a make over. I had everything I needed. I had taken some of my own female items to the shop with me. When the make over was finished, I stayed downstairs in the shop so that Rebecca would be visible to others, rather than sit upstairs in a lounge they had for customers use.

Before I left for the journey home to Northampton, Eileen, a member of staff, wanted to take a couple of pictures. I had a necklace I really like but I had left it in the car. So I just said to her “I’m going to fetch it” and with that I left the shop, walked to my car and returned with the necklace. I hadn’t been at all bothered about being outside in a suburb of Manchester dressed as Rebecca. After the photos, Eileen said “it’s a shame you can’t go home as Rebecca”. I replied “What a good idea” and quickly changed into my own female clothes. I left the shop and returned to my car.

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Heading off down the road, I glanced down at the petrol gauge. It read three bars. I guessed that it would be touch and go to make it home without making a stop to fill up. Still I continued on my way.  I left Manchester and headed south on the M6 motorway eventually switching to the M6 Toll road to avoid Birmingham. I rejoined the M6 and then the M1. A further glance at the petrol gauge told me that I wouldn’t make it without a stop for petrol. I was near Coventry, so I visited the nearest motorway services. I pulled into the filling station and got petrol and a sandwich as I hadn’t eaten. I felt quite at ease despite the fact I was forced into making the stop.

So there you are; this was the start of my journey of bringing Rebecca forward in my life and so much more has happened since. I would so much like to share more of my journey. Recalling it all makes me so happy.

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Sarah Mack
Sarah Mack (@sarahmack51yahoo-ca)
2 years ago

Thank you very much for your story I really enjoyed it I looking forward to my retirement so I can do the same

2 years ago

Hi Rebecca,I know Manchester well,some20 odd years ago I travelled up to the Albany Clinic which is opposite ,or was then Transformation. This was after a divorce and was given Premarin. Moving on,I started again on Hormones thru an endocrinologist in USA by pellet form.Super results but expensive. After that I came out to my Dr. who was reluctant to prescribe Hormones but did the blood work,and I bought estrogen on line. Made me feel more complete,and a hell of a lot calmer. Sure starting late will never give you as much changes but mentally it really helps. Now back… Read more »

2 years ago

hi all,interesting to see the way your lives have changed,mostly for the good,when I first met my late wife20 years ago now,i told her within 2 weeks of meeting,she said get changed and let me see how you look!her first comment was if you are going to do this then you really need some help lol!She was the greatest support,and from then on we had such great times,,she even made me go to my first transgender event!Slowly as time went be ,and my confidence grew time to tell neighbours ,etc was due,they were great ,and Rachael was now fully “out”went… Read more »

Emily (@ashleigh)
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this encouraging story. I am glad all wen well for you, and that you enjoyed your time. The first steps are always the hardest.
I have often said that if we go about our business quietly and with confidence, few if any people take notice. Most folks are so wrapped in their own little worlds that they don’t take the time to notice, or if they do, most don’t care enough to react.

Renee T
2 years ago

Such a beautiful story Rebecca Anne. I know that there are a lot of us, (myself included) who would love to take the drive like you did and show the world what you really feel inside. Would love to hear more about Rebecca Anne and her new adventures. And hopefully your daughter will slowly accept Rebecca Anne as part of her life.

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member
2 years ago

Rebecca…..encore, encore and bravo. Great stories….am sooo happy for you! Looking forward to more tales of high adventure and daring do!

Lady Veronica – KTI

2 years ago

how much damage do you think were doing as we get deep into this

Terri Anne
Active Member
Terri Anne (@terria67)
2 years ago

Rebecca Anne, Love your story and postings. I am looking forward to retirement. Loving my opprotunities to dress. Thank you for your encouaging story. So much fun shopping and interacting as en femme.
Best wishes Rebecca.
– Terri Anne

Jessica (@phil)
2 years ago

Wow, I love your story. Keep them coming. I’m living vicariously through them.

Kim Dale
2 years ago

Interesting to read about retiree experiences. I’m 24 months away from my own and looking forward to living much more openly than I have in the recent past!

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