Hi Girls! Today I’ll be covering as much as I can about shapewear in as few words as possible – which is a real challenge given the numbers and styles of the various forms of female shapewear! I’m gonna save you a pile of money as well!

Shapewear comes in many shapes and styles designed to give a lady an elegant, classy, cute, and sexy look while wearing her clothing. The words used to describe different types of shapewear I currently own include the following: bras, corsets or waist trainers, butt and hip enhancers, body briefers (both full and no breast types), and waist trimmers. I own every single type of these forms of shapewear in their three basic colors – black, nude/beige, or white – depending on what I’m going to wear that day or night over the shapewear.

All the above noted forms of shapewear may have different descriptive names assigned to them, and I couldn’t begin to list them all in a limited amount of words.

Here’s a couple of my best money saving tips when purchasing shape wear. 1) Please don’t go online and spend $100 to $300 on some silicone butt or hip enhancers or a pair of $200 silicone breasts. What a waste of money! Especially when you can get exactly what you need for a fraction of those prices! 2) You can purchase all the shape wear you need online at Amazon or in brick and mortar stores such as Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, The Ross Stores, or The Burlington Stores.

When it comes to silicone breasts, you can’t beat Amazon for the quality and price. Mine are gorgeous in a perfect 38B size and a perfect tear-drop shape with the most beautiful nipples on them you’ve ever seen! I only paid 28 bucks for them on Amazon and have had them for over five years. They are still perfect! My foam breasts I purchased online from of all places – Walgreens! They are extremely light weight, and I use them when I’m wearing my strapless bras, which are needed for dresses or tops that are shear from the top of the breasts to the top of my shoulders-(so no bra straps are showing.)

My butt and hip enhancers cost between $10 and 15 dollars from Amazon. I like the ones that come with the removable foam pads, have interior pockets for the pads, and have about a 2-inch piece of stretch lace at the bottom of the spandex panties. You usually must purchase the butt and hip-padded panties separately and put on both pairs when wearing something that has a snug fit around your butt. And when you order on Amazon Prime, the shipping is free, and the items are on your porch either in one or two days!

My corsets or waist trainers come from Amazon or all the brick and mortar stores noted above. The price for them ranges from $14 to $25 each. I have them in all three of the basic colors – black, nude, and white. The same goes for the purchase of full body briefers or braless body briefers. The location of purchase is the same as corsets or waist trainers and the prices are the same as well. When it comes to body briefers, you can buy them online or at any of the brick and mortar stores noted above.  

Here’s another couple of my very important Scarlett shapewear tips for you! First; when purchasing online, take the time to read the reviews from the customers who’ve already purchased the items you’re looking at. These reviews are critical to finding out about form, fit, function, and durability! I never buy any shapewear online without reading these very important reviews! Secondly; I usually purchase my shapewear one size smaller than recommended on the size charts. I like a firm fit when it comes to creating my girly curves! In many of the photos that you see of me on CDH, the only shapewear I have on is a size 38B bra with my 38B silicone breasts inserted in the bra. I simply don’t need shapewear when wearing dresses that have some sort of flare from the waist down. 

And speaking of breasts; Many crossdressers think “Bigger is better or sexier!” – WRONG! – That’s just not the case! In my Scarlett photos, I’m wearing 38B silicone breasts in a 38B bra. Based on the overwhelming number of compliments I receive, from so many of the sweet girls on this site, it confirms that my breast-size choice is the right choice! I want to thank you girls for all your lovely notes. I never take any of them for granted. Thank you so much for sending them to me!

Well girls, that’s a good start on this topic. I’m sure you may have additional questions you want answers to. If you have further questions regarding shapewear, please send them to me in a private message.

Love, Scarlett  XOXOXO

  1. Alexis Moon 1 month ago

    Great tips! I completely agree about breast size – I never go bigger than a B – it just looks too unnatural, especially on a guy, who typically have larger torsos anyway. Also on board with no butt-padding either. It just feels weird to me. I much prefer to cinch the waist in, rather than pad the rear – but to each her own!

    • Author
      Scarlett398 1 month ago

      Love ya gorgeous and thanks for sending in a response to my article. I covered as much ground with as few words as I could!

      XOXOXO Scarlett…So glad your not into those double Ds!

  2. Carolyn Kay 4 weeks ago

    Hi Scarlet,
    I have purchased some of the items you talked about and I agree there are some great deals out there on Amazon. I do believe every CD should have a pair of good breast forms and with Amazon it possible. Right now I am on a diet so I am waiting for the pounds to leave before I buy anymore items. Carolyn

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 weeks ago

      Hi there Carolyn! Always super to hear from you!

      Not only are there great deals on Amazon, the variety of items and manufacturers of such items are so broad as well!

      When you put whatever you’re searching for into the search block at Amazon, you never ever have just one item or one manufacturer of an item to choose from. The list of choices is incredible!

      And then I love the fact that whatever I order, it’s sitting on my porch two days later! The last three orders from Amazon showed up the very next day and that was a Saturday girl friend!

      Now don’t wait too long on that weight loss to occur to order your items – especially when it comes to shape wear! Because items like hip and butt pads are often in sexy stretch lace or highly stretchy spandex or elastine! I, most of the time order one size smaller than the size chart recommends because I really like a firm fit with my shape wear on that part of my body. Those hip and butt enhancers and waist cinchers or whole body shapers with or without a bra are highly stretchy and you can squeeze yourself into any of that stuff even if it’s one size smaller than that recommended. So Carolyn, don’t delay because you’re waiting on weight loss! Go for it girl friend and start taking and sharing those photos!

      Love ya! XOXOXO Scarlett

  3. Stef Smith 4 weeks ago

    Yes you have mastered it!
    You are always so put together
    I too love it AND it is sexy fun stimulating and fulfilling

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 weeks ago

      Thank you so very much, Stef! It’s a lot of work is what it is but it’s worth every minute of the work. I love gettin’ my girl on as Scarlett. I’m doing it tomorrow as a matter of fact and can hardly wait!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

  4. Stephanie Rogue 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing! I’m new to crossdressing and this is really an interesting read for getting into shapewear. I was considering getting something like those $100 breast forms but, after reading this, I was able to find B cup breast forms with a bra for half the price, and I can’t wait to see how they look! Thank you!

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 weeks ago

      You are more than welcome, Sephanie! Anytime I can help you please feel free to send me a private message and ask me anything you need answers to!

      I help girls on here all of the time. And you are welcome for the article! It was my pleasure to write it and help so many girls with their shape wear knowledge!

      Anytime you have questions, send them to me in a private message!

      XOXOX Scarlett

  5. Missy Arenott 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tips. I’m a larger CD and I do the same thing at Womanwithin and Torrid. Torrid offers much more sexier undies and bras than Womanwithin.
    I don’t need breast forms any more, due to medical conditions I’m a full 44B. Being 6 foot 3 is a bit of a challenge so the Plus side shops work much better for me.

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 weeks ago

      Yes Missy, it’s so much more of a challenge to cross dress when you’re over 6 feet tall and have a real male build. I feel for you girls out there and I know you have to use those shops to find the right size and price for things.

      I’ve been so blessed with being the perfect size for my thrill of cross dressing!

      Love ya! XOXOXO Scarlett

  6. Diana Renee Baker 4 weeks ago

    Thanks again! Some times a I carried away with writing but there is a lot to say and I have always been one to want to help other girls as well. I use the Ambrielle brand as well for the same reasons you have stated and it is a comfortable bra. I have gone to Victoria Secret and even got fitted for a bra and theirs bras are comfortable but expensive.

    Anyway, thanks for your suggestions

    Diana Renee Baker

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 weeks ago

      I agree Diana! And that last statement of yours is why the only time I purchase Victoria Secret bras is during their semi annual sales when the place is absolutely packed!

      Thanks for sending in a response to my article. I’m really surprise on how much attention this article received!

      Have a super weekend girl friend! XOXOXO Scarlett

  7. Nicole Dalton 5 days ago

    Your articles just make me wanna shop!!! Like I needed anymore reasons. Lol! Great advice as always.Thank you.

    • Author
      Scarlett398 2 days ago

      You’re welcome Baby Doll! The girls here at CDH seem to like my informative articles! I love to teach and share!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

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