Hi to all my lovely Crossdresser Heaven Girls!

Today I’ll be covering tips on wigs to include where to buy them, colors to consider, how to take care of them, and how to store them.  I’ll be teaching you how to save a lot of money covering all the issues noted above regarding wigs!

First, never go to a brick and mortar wig store to purchase a wig. If you do, you’ll be paying between $100 to $300 for a wig you could have gotten online for between $29 to $69!

My favorite place to purchase wigs is out of a catalog from Paula Young Wigs. The average sale prices on Paula Young Wigs range from those $29 to $69 prices which are noted above.  Most of the time, the sale prices of the wigs in the printed catalog are better than those online. However, if you are worried about your wife or SO finding the catalog in the mailbox, you probably need to do your purchasing online and possibly establish a PO box at your local post office where you can have the wigs delivered to in order to keep them out the sight of those who you don’t want to know about your cross dressing. My wife is accepting of my cross dressing now, so I don’t have to worry about getting to the mailbox before she gets there. She also never opens any packages addressed to me and I don’t open any addressed to her as well.

As far as I’m concerned, and I have quite a bit of experience ordering wigs online and out of catalogs. Paula Young Wigs offer you the best bang for the buck. The quality of the wigs, the selection of wigs and colors, and their liberal return policy are all reasons why Paula Young Wigs is my place to go to order my wigs!

I’m a chin-length, bob-cut kind of girl and that’s the style that works for me. It took more than one wig purchase to find what length worked for me. The same may be the case for you. Same goes with the selection of the color of wig that’s right for you. I really like my auburn colored wig with the dark roots.

Your color choice is your own personal choice. I have four different colors of wigs. You may want to choose a color that’s close to your natural hair color or you may want to choose a color totally different from your natural hair color. Look through the catalog and see how various colors and styles look on women with different skin tones, face shapes, eye color, and other physical features which may match up well with various wig colors.

As far as maintenance of your new wig/wigs, don’t buy any of those wig maintenance items they will try to push on you if you order on their 1-800 number. Here’s my money saving tip for cleaning your wigs. I wash my wig/wigs in the shower while taking a shower and I use the over the counter shampoo I use on my own hair on the wigs. I wash and rinse them out in the shower and then towel them off once out of the shower. Then I blow dry them with my hair dryer and shake the wigs while drying them to help add body to the wigs. Just comb them out with a wide tooth comb after drying them.

As far as storage goes, here’s my money saving tip on storage. I bundle up two plastic Walmart bags and then place the ball of bags under each wig and place the wig on its side on the inside of an empty shoe box to store inside my Scarlett closet.

One additional point I would like to make; you’ll more than likely need to do a little trimming on each wig you choose to purchase after it arrives and you try it on a few times. This trimming process is very normal. Just try and trim as little as possible as you go. You can always take off more; however, if you cut off too much, you may destroy the wig. Take your time while trimming your wig. Go slow and take off as little as possible as you trim!

This is a quick highlight-no pun intended, ok…yes it was. I’m sure you have a host of questions to ask me regarding wigs. If you have additional questions, please feel free to send them to me in a private message.

Sincerely, Scarlett

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I love the thrill of cross dressing and based on the CDH girls' comments in response to my posted photos, I must be pretty good at exploring the feminine side of myself. I find it sexy, sensual, exciting, challenging, and ever changing. I'm so very blessed now to have as much money as I want to spend on Scarlett and can now, for the very first time in fifteen years, actually purchase dresses, tops, and skirts while shopping with my wife! I never thought that would ever come to fruition! I can now store all of Scarlett's things in our huge dream home when just a short period of time ago, it would all have to be kept in a temperature controlled storage unit. I love Crossdressing Heaven and know it's the classiest and most tasteful cross dressing site on line. All the girls are full of support and encouragement and if folks come to the site with alternate motives that aren't in line with our founders rules and regulations, they are quickly deleted from our site. Vanessa Law, our founder, keeps this site classy at all times. She has much help from her Ambassadors, Chat Room Monitors, Photo Monitors, Article Editors, and many more personnel to keep this site classy, encouraging, and supportive.
  1. Bettie Houston 3 months ago

    Thank you Scarlett for another wonderful tip. I look forward to your next article.

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Thanks Bettie! I might write another one regarding how to share your thrill of cross dressing tomorrow or the next day.
      Hope you enjoy it! XOXOXO Scarlett

  2. Rhonda Jones 3 months ago

    Thank you Scarlet . You have confirmed what i thorts on price and quality .You have saved me quite a few hundred dollars .I expect Paula Young will be making another sale in the near future . Scarlet , you are a gem . Hugs Rhonda .

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      You’re welcome, Sweetheart! Any time you have questions regarding the thrill of cross dressing, feel free to send them to me in a private message. I love to share knowledge and tips with the other girls here at CDH!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

  3. Aden S 3 months ago

    I bought one “quality” wig, and had to ditch it at the end of a business trip. It was wonderful, but could not keep up the habit. Now I will try this and send to my PO Box. Getting more time alone so can manage. The on line now. Great helps, again. Thanks

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      You’re so welcome, Aden. I love helping girls with the best bang for the bucks. Some of the girls on here have as few as two outfits and they need all of the help they can get when purchasing things to expand their thrill of cross dressing!

      XOXOX Scarlett

  4. Ashley Newberry 3 months ago

    Hi Scarlett,

    I loved reading your advice. I just had my first wig buying experience recently, and I had a great time at a brick and mortar store in Louisville that was recommended to me by a drag artist in the city. I did pay more than Paula Young prices, but it was about $85. For me that was worth it because I tried on a dozen different wigs, had my two allies there with me to offer their opinion, and the shop owner was so sweet and complimentary on the whole process. I was clearly not her first crossdresser.

    I found that hair that goes past my shoulders is ideal for me as I have quite broad shoulders. With the wig that I chose, there wasn’t a dress that didn’t look good on me. I was shocked, almost cried, really. My female ally gave me wide open access to her closet and literally everything fit and looked great, and I think it was all because I had found the perfect wig.

    I’ve also done some reflecting on naturally long hair versus wigs, as I cut off all my long hair back in April, hair that was down to my shoulders. At first, I really regretted it, as I thought that it was such a great tool for crossdressing, but after my experience with the wig, I realize that my forehead is so large and square that no amount of styling will disguise just how dudely my head is. Thus, I am becoming more and more into wigs, as they feminize my head and shoulders, and now I’m thinking about having a small arsenal of styles and colors.

    Thanks again for your article!

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Go for it girl friend! I must have at least four new wigs I haven’t even taken out of the box yet. However, I can tell I’m not going to like them near as well as the one you almost exclusively see me in! It just fits my face, head, and skin tone perfectly. When out in public, no one has a clue that that’s not my real hair!

      I’ve had that Paula Young wig for well over seven years and wear it at least once every two weeks. I’ve only washed it in the shower once with my regular shampoo. It didn’t need washing but I just washed it anyway.

      I doubt, if the new wigs end up in the bottom of our local landfill, I’ll ever buy another one! I have a total of about 8 or 9 now but my hair cutter butchered 3 of them and I need to get them in the nearest dumpster soon. I gave her my favorite one I always use to use as the model to trim the others just like it. She failed miserably so that $60 I spent on the trim jobs was a total waste. They are a huge mess but I never told her that. I just kept quite and chocked that one up as another trial and error and it ended up to be a huge error. I’ll be attempting the trimming by myself from now on.

      Gotta run girl friend so have a wonderful weekend and so happy you had some super luck at that brick and mortar wig store! 85 bucks isn’t that bad especially when you got the chance to try on so many others to see how they looked on you. You can’t get that done while ordering on line although Paula Young does have a very liberal return policy! I’ve never used it though!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

  5. Mona 3 months ago


    Great article as always, girlfriend. Here’s a little tip on nail polish – you might consider using the water-based kind (latex or gel). You can find different brands on Amazon. I use this type of polish, it goes on easy (usually need to use two coats) and looks good. It meets my needs for photo shoots and then comes off pretty easy with some scraping and a cotton ball soaked in a small amount of nail polish remover (emphasis on small amount because that stuff is nasty and hell on your cuticles. It is actually pretty durable – if you want to keep it on for longer than a few hours of taking selfies – you just have to be careful. It’s definitely not as resilient as real nail polish.

    Anyway, it works for me…just another “tips of the trade” to consider.

    XOXO, Mona.

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Thanks a bunch, Mona. I finally found a gel really red nail polish by Revlon that goes on easy needing only one coat and comes off fairly easy as well.

      Hey girl friend, I think your wardrobe has way passed mine up now. Are you, like me, finally running out of storage room yet. Where do you keep all of those outfits. You must have a huge basement all to yourself for storage. We don’t have basements here in Florida. So I have two and a half closets at my disposal and a four chest of drawers to keep things in. I also have a huge temperature controlled storage unit as well. My wife has another one right across from mine!

      Hey, I just put a new article up for publishing. It’s entitled “Scarlett On How To Share Your Thrill Of Cross Dressing With Others”. I hope you enjoy it when it gets posted. My senior editor is in Canada on a long fishing trip so no telling when it will get published.

      Thanks for the heads up on the nail polish and I love all of those gorgeous photos you’ve put up and I need to make some time to send you some flattering notes on a few of them!

      Love ya! XOXOXO Scarlett

  6. Fiona-Ann Moss 3 months ago

    This is the holy grail of articles for me!! wigs!! geez, they have caused me so much grief, getting knotted and tangled, looking tatty etc. I managed to salvage one of my wigs, which was getting very knotted at the ends, but ok further up, i tried the usual de-tangling sprays and even fabric softener to try to correct the situation but to no avail, the answer? trim carefully at the base of the wig, the hair length was long so cutting a couple of inches off posed no issues, now the wig is de-tangled and wearable again.

    Never ever sleep in your wig, this is a sure recipe for disaster girls!!

    Thanks for the article Scarlett, it was very informative and well balanced 🙂

    Fee xxx

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Great tip at the end of your response, Fee – “Never Sleep In Your Wig”!
      Comb those wigs out with the widest toothed comb you can possibly find and work from the very bottom up!
      Always comb your wigs out with a wide toothed comb before you store it away after an outing or photo shoot!

      Love ya Fee! XOXOXO Scarlett

  7. Heather Hansen 3 months ago

    I’m awaiting my first wig that I purchased online. Do I need a Styrofoam head to put it on to comb and shape it, etc.?

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Hi Heather, those styrofoam heads are nice to have to store your wig on. However, I just simply comb mine out right before I take it off after my last photo and then I put the wig on three wadded up Walmart plastic bags and then lay it on it’s side in a shoe box.

      Great question, Heather, and thank you for your response!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

  8. Charlotte Rose 3 months ago

    Thanks for the tip on where to get wigs from. I’m checking out their website now.

  9. Stephanie Kennedy 3 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. There is so much to learn about beauty and making the right decisions about wigs. I am 65 years old and I am comming out and staying out this time. I am trying to look my age and put together I want too pass one day. Everything is so expensive. Hair ,make make-up , clothes. shoes accessories. My priorities are hair,the two girls and the lower have I feel I can handle. Luv Stephanie ❤️❤️

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Good for you Stephanie! I’m 64 and if I dressed my age as Scarlett I would look like “Granny” from “The Beverly Hillbillies so I not only choose to not dress my age as Scarlett, I don’t even dress my age as “Handsome Husband” which is what my sexy wife calls me! I’ll never dress my age at any age I actually am and I never have!

      So Stephanie, don’t think twice about dressing younger than your actual age when you get your girl on as Stephanie. Not even generic girls don’t want to look or dress their age. Why do you think they invented makeup?

      XOXOXO Scarlett

      • Stephanie Kennedy 2 months ago

        Thank you Scarlett. That is a relief. I went to the hair salon and I noticed all the cis woman were my age or older i did not like that white poofy look. I want something that has a little color and is shoulder length. I do not want to look like i am trying to hard to be young. Luv Stephanie

      • Author
        Scarlett398 2 months ago

        With wigs, Stephanie, it can be one of the most expensive items of a cross dressers ensemble. And as you’ll find out, it’s a trial and error process especially if you don’t make a visit to a brick and mortar wig shop and get some solid advice from a pro. The problem with this part of the process (which I never got involved with) is the fact the the owner or manager is going to put some pressure on you to purchase a wig from 100 to 300 bucks which you or I can’t afford.

        I’m very fortunate right now Stephanie, because I’m 64 and I have some really nice retirement money rolling in and my social security I paid into from my payroll checks over the last over 45 years of work. And being married to a wife who makes over six figures a year helps as well but I don’t see any of that money other than she’s pays our power bill and for most of our groceries. The rest we split down the middle for I pay for all of it like our phone bills and car insurance which on 3 vehicles isn’t cheap!

        However, this is the most money I’ve ever had to spend on Scarlett. There are no more boys to raise and put through college. They both have great jobs and are more than able to provide the very best for their children so I don’t have to spend any of my money buying necessities for my grand children. Many people I know get stuck with raising a second generation of kids because of the lack of responsibility of their own children and now those kids are either broke or in jail! And raising grand kids is an expensive and extremely difficult process especially on people our age for older. Thank God I won’t ever have to raise a set of grand kids!

        Take care Steph and I hope I was able to help you in some way.

        XOXOXO Scarlett

  10. Abby Lauren 2 months ago

    Since I live in Hollywood, FL for about 5 months a year, I was wondering where in FL Danika shops for her wigs. I know that FL is huge but I have nothing to lose by asking. I buy my wigs at Paula Young as well but don’t trust myself to trim them. I use them as is.

    • Danika 2 months ago

      I live almost directly across the state from you on the west coast of Florida and just north of where I live there is a wig shop that is owned and operated by a crossdresser just like us. I have made some purchases there and have always been very happy with the product, price and service. She often has sales on some of her products and everything she has is of excellent quality. This is the deal that can’t be beat. So you girls in southern Florida that don’t want things sent to your house, the drive may be worth it for you.

      • Author
        Scarlett398 2 months ago

        Thank you Danika for sharing this information about the wig shop where you purchase your wigs. Sounds like the perfect spot to get advice and great prices on wig purchases.

        Please send me and the rest of the girls the name of the wig shop and the city, location, and maybe even the specific address of the shop!

        Thanks a bunch and have a great weekend!

        XOXOXO Scarlett

      • Abby Lauren 2 months ago

        Dear Danika
        Are you in Naples or Tampa? I would be very curious how much her wigs sell for. Or, if she has a brochure, I’d love to see it.
        Many thanks

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