Women and shopping.

One of the things about women is the ability to shop, perhaps a primeval trait within the psyche from the days of foraging while the men go hunting. To men, it is one enigma about women that they can’t seem to comprehend. Yes, there is food shopping for essentials, which takes longer than most men take as they would get a list, dive in, and get out quickly. But why do women go out for the day shopping with a friend or a group and be gone for the whole day and still potentially come back with nothing, what’s the point?

It was something I didn’t quite get until starting to go out more with female company, and then it all made sense and is now second nature for me. A man going shopping with a woman might just shuffle around in the background and wish he wasn’t there. Some shops have a men’s area where they can sit it out as their lady wanders around trying things on, chatting, and apparently enjoying it, and perfectly happy to be coming away empty-handed!

The other week, on a sunny day a friend suggested we take a trip to a town full of shops on the coast, and I thought, “Why not?” Picking her up in the morning, we took a leisurely drive, chatting about various topics as neither of us had anything particular in mind to buy. On arrival, we sat and had a coffee while planning a route to take in the shops, mostly those offering clothing and charity. Time seemed to be of no consequence as we methodically worked our way through the town looking at anything and everything, chatting with sales assistants and other shoppers. There were many temptations, us trying things on and laughing when holding up some age-inappropriate items. There was a break for lunch where we sat on the promenade enjoying the sun and sea view with nothing yet bought. Back into town, we headed to more shops devouring them until my friend found a must-have dress, and soon after, I encountered a dress that cried out to be bought. After a quick try on and show it was in the bag. It was soon to be followed by a pair of shoes, and my friend found a lovely coat she couldn’t resist.

By late afternoon we had exhausted the shops and ourselves as the final action was to have another coffee sitting down to compare notes and purchases. Two apiece after about five hours of shopping but we hadn’t gone shopping, we had gone to shop. It’s a social thing and many other ladies were doing the same as we chatted with many of them. We were connected, and we understood. The salesgirls knew what we were doing and helped to make the experience more pleasurable, knowing they would perhaps not see a sale, they also understood. I have cast off the male now, and I understand being part of it. You don’t have to actually buy anything, it’s a thing, a women’s thing, one where they do not care if any man understands skipping the need to explain it as most still won’t get it.

To offer a comparison; women mostly don’t understand why men go hunting or fishing. To be out all day and come home with nothing. What’s the point? Try explaining it and they still don’t understand, but it is fundamentally the same as why women shop. I get it and can’t wait for the next shopping adventure!


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4 months ago

Thank you, Angela, for this article and helping provide some clarity. Agreed. Girls just want to have fun, and one of the ways of doing this is to shop! Revel loves to shop for a bargain! We all love to shop for feminine clothing, but I like to shop for anything I can use, especially in thrift stores. Men like to hunt for animals outdoors, but we ladies like to hunt for deals indoors. Haha. The fun part is the thrill of the hunt! 😉


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