Hi ladies.  This article is written from the heart. It is in no way a reflection on other people’s views or motivations, although of course, many will be able to relate to what I am about to say, so here goes, this is my true to heart, testimonial of the wonderful site we all know and love, Crossdresser Heaven (CDH).

I joined CDH back in October 2018. Before that, crossdressing for me was a lonely, empty activity, all dressed up but nowhere to go.  I had to hide everything I owned in a corner of my room and limited my activity to times few and far between. I so much wanted more, but it was truly impossible to do at the time. Years and years went by with the same old routine; underdressing, waiting for an opportunity to dress, the frustration slowly eating away at me. I so badly wanted to dress, but it was like being in a desert, dying of thirst, but no water available. Despair turned to sadness, and sadness turned to depression.

Then I found a miracle, well it was to me. I found somewhere I could go and be welcomed, and not feel isolated and alone anymore. It was Crossdresser Heaven. I must admit, I was very nervous at first, probably we all were at the beginning, but that was soon replaced by confidence and more importantly, happiness.

So. How does CDH differ from other sites? CDH is not a fetish site; here you have real people with real lives, and a real community offering top notch support, love and the biggie… acceptance! I never had that before; true, I never really tried, but I was sure I was the only one in the world who felt this way and that there was no way I could find a site that would answer the plethora of questions I needed to ask. I like the fact it is not a smutty, sexual site, the members here are loving, supportive and many will go on to become, I have no doubt, true friends of mine, wherever in the world you reside.

How has it changed me as a person? Well for one, it has given me a place to go. It’s like my second home. CDH has become a very important part of my life, as it’s not a fantasy; this is for real, a proper chatroom with real people with real issues, forums with great advice and members always at hand to help you with any problems you might have. I have become at one with myself, contented and satisfied. That in itself was great, but as time went on, I realized it was time to give something back. Now anyone that knows me, will say, I always give, I hate taking and not giving. CDH gave me the confidence to open up and start to talk, and from there I started to post.

At the end of the day, I am nothing special; I am just another crossdressing guy that seeks acceptance and love in what I do. I certainly have received that here, and in a way I do feel kinda special, certainly in the way that I have made friends and finally opened up. The truth is, we are all special here. We are like a family, happy in each others company, something we all strive for in our daily lives. Whether you are rich or poor, your race, color of your skin, it has no bearing, you are loved! And thats the end of it! I only wish society was as accepting.

CDH for me has also achieved another important thing. It has turned me into a more positive person. True, I do have my ups and downs, and I have posted some silly things in the past, saying I’m going etc. Strangely enough, it made me realize just how empty I would be if I did go. Not much chance of that happening! Without talking to other members here, I would not have realized how big the true picture really is. It certainly puts many things into context for me.

Where do I currently stand? Well, I am grateful that at least I have somewhere to go to share experiences, help members and gain and give support. My final goal is to finally meet someone at some point, although I have to say I am incredibly nervous about this! but I am positively sure, it will happen one day.

I hope that CDH has proved to be an important part of your lives too. Its a great place to get away from it all and embrace a positive atmosphere. The only negative is when I log out!

I end this with a gracious thank you to the owners of the site, and the ambassadors for their tireless support and welcoming, and last but not least, the members for making CDH what it is, true heaven! I wish CDH many more happy and productive years ahead 🙂 .

From a very grateful member,

Fiona Moss xxxxxx

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Fiona-Ann Moss

hi. I have been a long term cross dresser but ive only recently admitted it to my wife. I like to dress up as a youngish woman and enjoy wearing pretty clothes and smelling nice. Short skirts are my favourite! it would be nice to chat to like-minded people like myself as its such a difficult subject to broach with non cross dressers. I consider myself a friendly, easy going person that cares about others and the members on this site. please dont hesitate to send a friends request if you wish, also you can message me anytime if you have a problem, need advice and i'll do my best to help.I would enjoy to chat sometime and make new friends. I have recently passed my Full Advanced Makeup and beauty course gaining a HND in the subject.

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  1. Helena 9 months ago

    I am so moved by this. I wish I could reach out and give you a hug! Thank you for posting this. You are a true blessing here on CDH.

    • Author
      Fiona-Ann Moss 9 months ago

      Hi Helena. Wow! more heartfelt words! I never really thought I would get such an amazing response from members because I just typed how I feel about CDH and how its changed my life for the better. As a person, I get very emotional and these lovely comments bring a genuine tear to my eyes knowing people do actually care. I wish I could hug you too Helena, thankyou so much for your very kind words, I really do appreciate them 🙂

      Fee xxx

  2. Danielle Wayne 9 months ago

    Great article Fiona. I feel the same way you do about CDH. Have made so many friends i now call sisters.
    Love ya sister.
    See you in the chat site.

    • Author
      Fiona-Ann Moss 9 months ago

      Thankyou Danielle for taking the time to read it and also for your kind words, look forward to seeing you sometime on chat! *hugs*

      Fiona xxx

  3. Davida Mae 9 months ago

    Hi Doll; This was a pleasant read. No wonder your one of our Ambassadors

    • Author
      Fiona-Ann Moss 9 months ago

      Awww thankyou so much Davida! those lovely, kind words, really mean the world to me. It is my absolute honour to be here and help you all 🙂 .

      Fee xxx

      • Davida Mae 8 months ago

        With the steady increase of Ladies signing up for membership it must keep Y’all pretty busy. Thank You for being there for us

  4. Rachel Cummings 9 months ago

    I’m just as new to Crossdresser Heaven, and I’ve got to take a moment to tell you that you almost made me cry. What you wrote was so sweet and supportive, and if you were here, I’d hug you right now. I could feel your pain and your joy in every passage, and related so much to what you wrote. It brought my own struggle to life reading it, and while I’m still exploring things here, your testimony was so strong that it gave me the conviction to go ahead and upgrade my account. Like you, Crossdresser Heaven is going to be a permanent part of my life from this point forward as I explore my femininity further. At this time, everything is still a secret as I build my private box of clothes, makeup, jewelry and everything that makes me feel like I’m “me.” My wife does NOT know, so there is a big bridge to cross. It’s highly unlikely she will be able to accept it, and while I hate to lose her, I simply cannot lose myself at this juncture. Wish me luck, because our future as girls is still ahead of us. Maybe one day in the future, we can actually meet and go shopping together! Kisses and hugs to you! And thanks again for being such a strong woman and sharing such an honest and uplifting testimony.

    • *skippy1965(Cynthia) 9 months ago

      Rachel-welcome to the site and I hope the site does as much for you as it has done for me since I joined way back in August 2015. Inlooking back through the lens of what I wrote on forums and articles here in those 3+ years, the strides I have made since then both frighten me and make me excited for the future-whenever that may be!

      • Rachel Cummings 9 months ago

        I’m learning to work through the fear. Keep making the strides. Become more adventurous about the new feelings and opportunities that being your true self give you, whether that’s a personal revelation or just a great makeup tip! My biggest bugaboo was worrying about whether or not God still loved me, and you know what? SHE DOES! She made me exactly the way I am, and maybe you and I are just getting ready for the next life, when we will be real women with the right plumbing! Nothing is an accident. Vanessa and the other girls here will keep us all safe.

    • Author
      Fiona-Ann Moss 9 months ago

      Hi Rachel 🙂 . All these lovely posts with such kind words, also make me tearful Rachel. But my words are real as well as my emotions, everything here is inspiring, the site, the members, the stories, everything. Thankyou so much for your very kind words, i’m glad the article appealed to you 🙂

      Fee xxx

  5. Janessa Indiek 9 months ago

    I too feel the same way it’s nice to talk to other members on here and that we are not alone. I have gone out dressed and met other ladies like us it was amazing. I long to do it again sometime but unsure if it will happen or not, a girl can dream right. Anyway nice to hear your story I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Xoxo

    • Author
      Fiona-Ann Moss 9 months ago

      Hi Janessa, thankyou for your kind comment! nice to hear you have actually gone out dressed! I have that treat yet to come 🙂 . Take care!

      Fee xxx

  6. Sidney Silver 9 months ago

    Love this post Fiona! I’m right there with you gurl! Your beauty is manifest in your words and actions.
    And that’s the thing- there are many ways to touch and express the true feminine part of ourselves. I find if I can’t dress (for whatever reason) I can still feel my alter Sidney in exclusive behavioral terms. I am kinder, more thoughtful to others, more considerate, more loving, and more present for those I love.
    I feel closer to my feminine side by the actions I take. As such, Sidney is right there with me, right where I want her to be.
    I truly feel (and so does my SO) my acceptance and embrace of myself as Sidney has made me a better man, and better person all around.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

    • Author
      Fiona-Ann Moss 9 months ago

      Awww, thankyou so much Sidney 🙂 . I think you are spot on with your comments, I feel the same, Fiona has made me a better person, I feel more at peace, I want to give love, compassion to everyone. Thats not to say, as a guy, i’m bad! i’m not! lol, but embracing a feminine side takes things to a new perspective. Thanks for your kind comments hun, they are greatly appreciated!

      Fiona xxx

  7. Deanna Lund 6 months ago

    Bless you Fiona but most of all bless CDH!

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