My journey in recent times started early this year when my wife went to see the hair removal specialist at the beauty salon. As I was the one driving her to and from the salon, the girl doing the work, named Samantha, asked me when I was coming to see her again. I had come to see her before, but it had been a while since I’d seen her.

I hadn’t been thinking much about it, and so I didn’t give her any kind of real answer. About two months later, when my wife had her next appointment, Samantha asked me the same question. This time I was more or less expecting the question, and this time I decided to do something about it. I offered to give her a job  waxing my legs, eye brows and a few other bits.

Because of the nature of what I was planning of having done, I asked Samantha if I could crossdress for the occasion when I came for the appointment. I felt it would be easier to lift a sleeveless dress than to drop my pants and take my shirt off. My way of thinking meant that I wouldn’t have to undress on the day and it would feel more natural in that way. She said she didn’t mind at all, and also told me I was not the first client she had come to her in this manner. She actually has three other clients who come to see her in a similar manner for similar reasons.

The problem I now had was figuring out where I could change. I couldn’t dress at home with family around, it just wouldn’t work. My mind considered many possibilities. Then came the solution, I would change in a public restroom. Then came my next problem, where could I find a quiet restroom? I didn’t want to go near the shopping centre as there were too many people around for my first time in public. Then came the idea that I could go to the cemetery, to the toilets there, as there was no one about close by and that would give me some comfort. After gathering my clothes for the occasion, I went into the ladies’ room and came out as a lady in a pink dress, which I had purchased the day before, and flat shoes that I borrowed from my wife. Driving to my appointment, I keep looking around to see if anyone was looking, and was thankful no one seemed to think there was anything out of the ordinary.

After arriving at Samantha’s for the treatment, her eyes opened up at the sight of Joanne and remarked about my look, “it really suits you.” I worked out that she meant she thought I looked pretty in pink. Samantha was very supportive and made me feel comfortable. After an hour or so, I left for a reverse sequence of events to change back to my male role for going home to my family.

This experience was positive and has given me the urge to continue crossdressing and time will tell where it leads.






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7 years ago

Well done Joanne. The first time is always the hardest and things get easier from there. Perhaps next time, with some coordination, you will be able to dress at home and drive to and from your appointment. Getting changed in public facilities always carry a risk, depending on who might see you go in or come out.

No matter what, a great first experience. Well done.


skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
7 years ago

Congratulations Joanne! I am hoping to have a similar experience in a salon with either a mani/pedi, a makeover or both! I HAVE been out driving while dressed numerous times and have ONE time interacting at a drive thru window. Last weekend I went as Cyn to my parents graves in the twilight hours and introduced them to the fifth daughter they never knew!

Know that you have lots of friends here to love and support you while you travel along this road to discovering yourself!

Sallysim' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
7 years ago

Well done Joanne, the first steps are always the terrifying ones then your confidence begins to build. Doesn’t it feel great when you get out there and are accepted.
Keep up the good work Hun

Sheryl Johnstone
7 years ago

Congratulations Joanne, that was a great first time out and maybe next time you will be able to go somewhere else after the treatment, possibly even that shopping centre. If you need someone else to go with you, just send me a message.

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