My wife was employed nearly full-time when I retired. This gave me more time for my crossdressing. I had learned about a consignment store for women’s clothes, shoes jewelry, etc. from a publication by the local Tri-Ess group. This store was owned and operated by a woman who was very supportive of the LGBTQ community especially, crossdressers. I began to patronize her store.

Over time, I became friendly with the owner (Lou). She became a mentor to me as to how best to present myself as a woman, giving me advice on what to wear, how to wear it, makeup, jewelry, actions, speech, etc. She also encouraged me to join a local group that was much more inclusive than Tri-Ess.

Eventually, Lou and I began to do things socially. We would go to concerts, plays, movies, local music groups, lunch, dinner, etc. We especially enjoyed going out for dinner and drinks. One of the places that we liked to frequent was Ruby Tuesday. There was a location about halfway between our two homes, so we went there fairly often.

This story is about one of those nights. We’d finished eating and were enjoying the rest of our wine. I usually wore a skirt, some sort of blouse and heels when I went out for dinner. That night I had on a light weight pantsuit—green with black piping, and I wore bronze colored flats. I had excused myself to go to the ladies room.

Crossdresser Superstore

On the way back to our table, I walked past the salad bar. The floor wasn’t carpeted but did have rough tiled surface. Somehow, my shoe slipped, and I fell hard to the floor. A manager along with a couple of waitresses hurried to help me. I was in pain and unable to get up. A woman customer had also rushed to help me; she happened to be a nurse.

After a few minutes, I was able to get up with help. I managed to struggle back to our table. I was in quite a bit of pain. As we sat there, we discussed what to do next. Lou told me that through the entire episode that she was sure no one realized I was a crossdresser. Lou wanted to drive me home, but that would mean leaving her car there and somehow figuring out how to get back and retrieve it. Also, if she drove me home I would not be able to get out of my car in my garage. However, Lou was insistent. There was still the problem of how I was even going to get to my car. Here is where the “good fortune” comes into play.

As we were eating, a couple had taken a table near us. The wife had been in a wheelchair. The husband came to our table and offered the use of the wheelchair to help me get to my car. I certainly did not want to call an ambulance and be taken to a hospital while presenting as a woman.

Lou and this man were able to get me to my car and assist me into the passenger seat. They then took the wheelchair back to the restaurant. I decided that I had to drive myself home. I was able to maneuver myself into the driver’s seat. When Lou returned, she said that the manager was concerned that I might want to sue the restaurant. Lou assured him that she did not think that I would sue.

I convinced Lou that I could drive home, and that I would call her when I got there. I made it and closed the garage door with the remote. I managed to get out of the car. As soon as I could not hold onto the door, I collapsed to the floor. Soon the overhead light went out, and it was totally dark.

I began to crawl toward where I thought the door was. It took a while to do this, and I was somewhat disoriented. Eventually, I did find the door and was able to get myself into the house. I struggled over to where my phone was and got into a chair. I called Lou and informed her that I was home. I now had to figure out how to get up the stairs to my kitchen level so I could take my pills. In the end, I managed to get upstairs to my bedroom and bath area by standing mostly on one leg. I eventually made it into bed and fortunately, fell asleep.

Awakening the next morning, I was unable to even sit on the side of the bed because of the pain. I finally had to call 911. When the EMTs got there they carried me down the stairs to the ambulance and took me to the hospital. At the hospital, I learned that I had a broken femur and would need a hip replacement. This started a whole new adventure.


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    Carole Hill

    I have been fascinated with women's clothes, shoes. etc, for over 70 years. I have lived alone for over 12 years. Thus, I am able to present as a woman about 90% of the time. I go anywhere that I want to as a woman unless my male self is expected.

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    Jillian Walker
    Jillian Walker
    4 years ago

    OMG! Are you OK now? I hope so. Get better! On the ironic side, is there anything that screams “little old lady" more than a hip replacement?

    Amy Myers
    Noble Member
    4 years ago

    Wow, what an experience. You were fortunate you were able to do as much, but the shock also helps you to get to a place of safety.
    I hope that you’ve had a good recovery.

    4 years ago

    OMG Hope you are on the mend! I guess that may be one good thing about my hip pads, less chance of hurting my hip! 🙂

    Active Member
    4 years ago

    What a scary story. I am so happy you are ok. I have had different situations over the years while I was out as Terri. But yours tops mine.

    4 years ago

    You may want to reconsider suing the restaurant??
    A hip replacement cannot be cheap!

    4 years ago

    That’s like my worst fear coming true. Getting caught that way! Hope that it all works out for you.

    Emily Kann
    4 years ago

    I hope you are OK! That sounds painful.

    That being said though I feel like this has got to be the most, pardon my French, badass story I have heard this year. You fell, drove yourself home, selflessly called your friend to let her know you were alright, then got ready for bed, slept, couldn’t move, and managed to call emergency services with a broken femur. Rambo wasn’t even that hurt after three movies. You are brave and strong, or don’t like doctors. Either way I hope you are well.


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