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Dear Readers,

As I was thinking of the right image to go with this post I stumbled across one that was nearly perfect. We welcomed a new puppy into our family a few months ago, and in many ways launching a new website is like raising a puppy.

At first, nothing seems to go right – the adorable puppy is peeing on the floor, pooping on the carpet and generally doing things they shouldn’t be. It’s like that with rebuilding a website, through the many bugs and errors. Every day I discovered a new way that things could break.

After a few months your new puppy is house trained, and while they don’t quite sit on command, they know the right place to go potty and the things that shouldn’t be destroyed in their quest for fun. I went through many ‘hey it’s working’ moments, only to realize that, like a puppy, it only appeared to be doing what I wanted for a short while.

As they approach a year old the puppy is now almost well trained, they’ll come when you call them (most of the time, unless there’s a pine cone nearby), and welcome visitors and other dogs with lots of love and lots less jumping up onto people. That’s about where the new Crossdresser Heaven is today – mostly well behaved, but every once in a while it will be a bit of a brat and not do what it should.

We’ve worked hard to improve the experience of Crossdresser Heaven, to make it a comfy and welcoming home on the Internet for the transgender community. If you want to dive right in and see the new changes header on over to Crossdresser Heaven.

What’s New on Crossdresser Heaven?

More Beautiful

As transgender woman our quest for beauty may seem never ending, as we try this makeup and that outfit and those gorgeous shoes with a heel just a little too high.

We’ve brought you the most gorgeous, most beautiful Crossdresser Heaven to date. With large, beautiful images, stunning animations and an easy to understand layout.

Beautiful New Crossdresser Heaven

More Social

A night out with the girls, or days spent gossiping over coffee is one of the pleasures of being a woman. Crossdresser Heaven is now more social. You can quickly create your own account with a stunning profile image to match. Just select ‘Register and Join’ from the top left header, create an account and then add a photo of you in your favorite outfit. Your login will be used across Crossdresser Heaven, the first thing you’ll notice is that you can quickly enter comments on articles and have your gorgeous photo next to them.

A New Crossdresser Heaven Header

More Organized

Now where did I put my lipstick… Browsing articles on a website shouldn’t be like digging through your handbag for a lost cosmetic. We’ve streamlined the categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. With some of your favorite categories like learning to crossdress and crossdressing success stories prominently displayed. We’ve also added a breadcrumb above each article so you can quickly explore similar topics

New Crossdresser Heaven Breadcrumb


More Search

In the immortal words of U2, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. That may be because he wasn’t using Google (or Bing as your preference may go). We’ve given the search functions on Crossdresser Heaven a huge upgrade. Making it even easier, faster and more visual to find what you’re looking for. Just click the search icon, type what you’re looking for and viola…

More Speed

No matter how fast your Internet package is, doesn’t it still feel like you’re browsing the web with a dial up modem? We’ve spent a lot of time streamlining Crossdresser Heaven to make it faster to load and smoother to navigate. In our tests some pages load up to 3x faster. We think you’ll appreciate the extra time back to do more important things – like read that next article on Crossdresser Heaven 😉

More to come…

In the next few weeks we’ll be launching Crossdresser Heaven forums. If you’d like an early sneak peak, register for an account and then login to the Crossdresser Heaven Forums. We’re just getting started, introduce yourself and then answer the question posed in each of the forums. We’ll also be looking for forum moderators. Please contact me you are interested in contributing to the Crossdresser Heaven community as a moderator.

If you have any other feedback on the redesign, ideas for new forums, or resources you’d like to see please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

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Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.
  1. คอลลาเจนผง 4 years ago

    I am truly glad to read this webpage posts which includes tons of useful facts, thanks for providing such statistics.

  2. Vanessa,

    I was just browsing back through the articles (OK full disclosure I was looking back to see if there were any new replies to my articles of the past) when I saw this article you had written that was the first one I saw when I initially visited the site to enter the “win free breast forms” drawing. It reminded me of how welcoming you were and how inspiring it was to me that someone who had spent so much time already sharing your journey of exploration (and your eventual discovery that there was more to your gender issues than crossdressing, and that you needed to complete your transition to become the beautiful , wonderful woman you are today) decided NOT to disappear into the world but instead refreshed this site to become the amazing place where anyone anywhere on the CD/TS/TG spectrum could feel comfortable and find help, advice,love and support AS someone who is on her own journey of self-examination, You immediately made me feel included and helped me realize that I was not some sort of freak but was a person worthy of love and respect. You have been and are such a blessing to the community and have given so much that I felt I needed to thank you again personally. I certainly don’t claim to represent anyone but myself(and definitely not the community as a whole), but wanted you to know what a profound influence you have on so many people. I have seen firsthand in the chatrooms and in the messages I get from our members the number of people who have been touched by your words and actions.

    While I have never met him, I also wanted to pass on to your partner how much I appreciate the sacrifice he makes in giving up so much of his time with you as you work your full time job and then put in time working on this glorious site. (and for his service to our country as well), Please let him know that it is not a sacrifice made in vain.

    Finally, I wanted to thank you personally for showing me one possible future path to me. I am so fortunate to have found this site without which I might still be floundering in the wilderness. Instead I have learned so much about myself though there’s so much I still don’t know. Is my desire-nay, my NEED- to dress the ending point or ( as it seemed to me it was for you) a symptom of something deeper that I may have spent my entire first half century denying? Is there truly a woman within me that has been biding her time ’til the time is right for her to emerge? I just don’t know. The thought that I may have such a potentially life changing decision approaching in the next few years is terrifying in many senses of that word. Synonyms include frightening/scary, awesome/amazing, daunting, intimidating and each of those applies. But I know that many others including you have made it through that decision and no matter what the outcome of it, I will live my life to the fullest.

    Selfishly, I miss so much the articles, forum posts and replies from you as they were and are so inspiring but I guess it’s the price to be paid for the phenomenal success of your “baby” as Codille has so many times referred t the site as. Anyway, I ‘ve blathered on as I usually end p doing , so I’ll shut my mouth and wipe off the ears of joy that I can’t help but shed as I think of you and all you have done for people you have never met but touched so deeply. The last thing I will say is the simplest…..



    PS OK I lied-one other thing-wanted to let you know I decided to attend the Esprit Conference up in Port Angeles this May 14-21st. I’ll be rooming with April at the conference. I know you value your privacy and so as much as it would be amazing to meet you , I could never ask that of you . But I will be raising a glass in toast to you and hope that somehow you will know when that happens. If you ever do want to contact me you have all my info! 🙂 LOL Good night OB1 Vanessa from the Original Cyn!

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