Help end transgender discrimination

This is important enough that I’ll make do without literary decorations – Take this transgender survey [update, survey has now been taken down] to help end transgender discrimination before you continue reading.

Right, now you’re back from the transgender survey [update, survey has now been taken down] you took. You did take the survey, right?

When we are divided we are powerless. A lone transgendered voice is soon silenced, her bruised and beaten body left untended on the side of the road. For years we have experienced transgender discrimination – whether we are part time crossdressers or post-op transsexuals we have all felt the burden when our gender identity does not meet societies expectations.

This treatment is reserved for the lucky ones who are brave enough to live their life with freedom from their own judgement. Yet it is as we take the first steps to self acceptance that we collide with the intolerance and hate in society. For many of you the intolerance is not just a drunk heckling at the bar, it’s your employer firing you. It’s not just nasty comments from a teenager in the mall, it’s your landlord evicting you.

This is unacceptable in a free society.

And for some about to begin their journey of self discovery, the threat of being left desolate keeps you from finding who you really are. Your life is lead in a half-chorus. Singing stoically along, but never rising to the hallelujah’s. Clapping out of tune, and too ashamed to dance.

Juyo Vonsan

This is unacceptable in a free society.

There is a historic survey of the transgendered community, sponsored by NCTE and NGLTF. By understanding your experience they can work to end transgender discrimination. Please, if you have a few minutes take this survey and stand up for transgender rights [update, survey has now been taken down].

Should crossdressers care about transgender rights?

I recently wrote about crossdressing action that encourages crossdressers to stand strong with their transsexual and transgendered brothers and sisters. If you are a crossdresser who has never thought about transgendered rights please read this.You may not be willing to risk being outed, or have the financial means to support a transgender organization, but surely you can spare five minutes to make your voice heard online?

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Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.
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Lynn Jones
11 years ago

Many of us will never transition because it’s not something we all want. I know I’m happy as I am. πŸ™‚

That said, I don’t see why certain individuals should be allowed to discrimate against transgendered people. If legislation needs to be put in place to drive this home, so be it.

Tamarra Cherrie
11 years ago


Thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog. I have nothing but respect for your efforts to humanize our condition and while I did not start my blog with the intent to make a statement I think that I am leaning more in that direction. Your interest and acceptance of my thoughts means the world to me! Thank you.


10 years ago

I crossdress and I am out about it. I don’t see whats wrong with guys wearing dresses or skirts. Unlike most cds, I never had to sneak into my mothers or sisters things. My mother inroduced me to the wonderful world of dresses when I was 11 yrs. of age. My first dress was a pretty yellow party dress in1961, along with 2 others. She kept me in dresses until I reached 16. The only time I wore boys clothing was to go to school. My summers, school breaks and weekends were filled with dresses. She never got me skirts… Read more Β»

allen (ALICE)
10 years ago

i havebeen crossdressing over 41 years now i am 53 i see how people treat crossdressers when they know nothing about them if they only read more an would try to uderstand us we are no different than them except we like to be who we feel we are inside an express in in our clothing an demere outside i wear completly at home (I AM SINGLE) but when out i wear my lingerie under my male cloths even bras an i try not to hide wearing it you can tell i have breast an i am proud of them… Read more Β»

Josephine Shaffer
9 years ago

I love dressing in women’s clothes i all the time because i enjoy doing it.

9 years ago

I dress as a woman as much as i can and my wife helps me i feel that is the real me when iam dressed and people treats me like a woman andf i love it and never want to live as a man fulltime
Thank you

Bobbie jo
9 years ago

I have dressing for a long time off and on, now I live as a woman and also taking hormones for the last year and a half.When I started I had some close friends.When they found out they don’t talk to me anymore.I lost them but found others.I lived the first 50 as a man but that was a lie.Now I live my as a woman.

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