The old Chinese proverbs talk about the yin and the yang. We are all possessed with both the yin and the yang, or the female and the male. It is when we are born that one of them dominates and that is what our outward appearance is going to be. But that is not to say the one that is not the dominant trait will not come alive at one time or another. And it all depends on how we acknowledge that fact as to how we wish to live our lives.

I grew up in a house with four sisters and my mom and they all had an influence on me, whether I admitted it to them or not. From around my early teenage years, I remember being somewhat jealous of all of them because of all the pretty clothes they got while I was getting the usual boy things. I was happy that they were so happy but deep down I wished that some of them were mine. When I got to be 15 I knew that I had to see for myself just how they looked on me. So when I had time to myself I took a few things out the see how they looked. It was so wonderful to see how they fit and how they felt. After that, any chance I got I wanted to try things on, making sure that I only took things that looked like they would fit me, considering that all of my sisters were different heights.

There were a few times that I almost got caught wearing something, and even though it scared the daylights out of me, I couldn’t seem to help myself. As they all got older, (considering that I was the oldest) their tastes began to change and that only gave me more options to try on. Whether it was dresses, skirts, blouses, or lingerie, there always seemed to be something to try on and indulge my fantasies. And even when going out with girls, I always seemed to compliment them on what they were wearing, which made them feel good. I guessed then that making women feel that someone was paying attention to their appearance made them feel good about themselves.

Time marched on and I got married and stopped dressing up, but I still paid attention to clothes. About 10 years ago the urges started to come back. But now since I had a good job, I was able to start to create my own little wardrobe. Just a few things at first, all the while getting stares from sales girls when I went in to buy lingerie or looking at racks of clothes. I was a little timid at first but now I feel so comfortable shopping for myself that I just smile back at them.

Meanwhile, I feel the genes that have been passed down from my mom make me feel so happy about the choices I have made for myself. And to slide on, whenever I can, those Gloria Vanderbilt jeans lets me feel that the women in my life are so lucky to put these on anytime they want. I don’t go out in them but I feel like a woman when they are on. That’s when I know that the yin is coming to the forefront. And that’s OK by me.

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Lady Veronica Graunwolf
2 years ago

Well done Renee! I am happy for you.

Renee T
2 years ago

Thank you so much Lady Veronica. I am glad that you enjoyed the article. I had a good time thinking about all of it as I wrote it down.

2 years ago

Love the story, and need to read all the comments. I’m an older male now, with an ever stronger urge to dress. I “hybrid-dress” on weekends. I’ve come to know my local thrift stores quite well. On the weekends I wear women’s jeans, (low cut), womens booties, panties and cammies under my shirts. I am married, don’t believe my wife notices or she would have said something, but this morning was thinking about my summer wardrobe. I so much want to wear other things out, but it will be difficult. It’s stressful enough (purposely) getting up early on the weekends,… Read more »

Renee T
2 years ago
Reply to  Rebekka

It is tough to fight the urges Rebekka. I know that I have had to time my dressing out just right so I would not get caught. Plus now I have started to experiment with makeup so there is another thing to make sure to clean up just right. I remember one time later on in the evening my wife looked at me and asked if I had mascara on. I panicked but made a little joke about it and it was dropped. I looked later on but did not see why she would have said that.

Sahi saheli
2 years ago

The article and the comments are so close to me as I do crossdresser feel the femme side of me and I always look forward somebody notice and snapshot.

Renee T
2 years ago
Reply to  Sahi saheli

Thank you for being here Sahi. I do try and take a few snapshots when i can but haven’t done any this year so far. But the year is still young. It is really wonderful when you can express the femme side of yourself. I know that I do feel like a whole new person

Adeline Johnston
2 years ago

Since the first of the year I have started wearing women’s slacks and jeans exclusively and have been wearing women’s underwear for years. As others have commented, I find the women’s jeans and slacks so much more comfortable and they fit me better. Oddly enough, they were also less expensive than the men’s pants I had been wearing. It took a little experimenting to find a brand and size that worked but it was worth it. I also discovered women’s shoes and wear them most of the time. I have several pairs of booties that I love.

Renee T
2 years ago

Hello Adeline. I have just bought two pairs of women’s slacks over the past three weeks and you are so right in that they seem to fit so much better than men’s clothes. Just putting them on makes me feel so different but so much better. Thanks for reading the article and sharing.

2 years ago

Hello Renee T.; Michelle here! I was also supposed to be born a girl, as my mother claimed her doctors were so certain. What a surprise it must have been when I arrived on the scene. But; no doubt; I too inherited my mother’s dominant feminine gene, and became the “woman” that I am today. Growing up having a mother and older sister, I also had those feelings and urges for women’s clothes and lingerie. For some reason; I also developed a strong fetish for my mother’s high heels, of which she had at least a dozen pair. In any… Read more »

Renee T
2 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

So nice to hear from you Michelle. Having all those women around me growing up I couldn’t help but pick up some of their traits. That is how I am the “woman” I choose to be today also.

Naomi Duncanson
Naomi Duncanson (@bibliando)
2 years ago

Yep , Renee, there’s nothing quite like a nice fitting pair of ladies jeans , just as a starting point . Teamed up with a nice body suit and or shirt and perhaps a nice pair of boots or heels and your good to go .
How ironic that natural women are also actually crossdressing to achieve that look . Enjoy those jeans
Naomi d

Renee T
2 years ago

Thanks so much Naomi. I have worn those jeans with a nice pair of calf high black boots and a black blouse with a bow on it. They do feel so good.

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