In response to Vanessa Law’s forum query, “Where Are You Heading in 2020,” I answered as follows.

1) I will spend more time here at CDH. The time I regularly spend here has helped me be more at peace with my femme essence. So, growth in my inner woman would profit by “hanging around here” more actively.

2) Althea Lovelace has written an excellent forum topic about coming to a deeper understanding of self. I once thought I was an incurable transwoman, who could only be totally happy by transitioning. I am not so sure anymore. That I have a strong longing for womanhood is undeniable, but perhaps full transition is not necessary for me. I have decided to make 2020 a year of honest self-discovery so I can move forward (or not) with sincere conviction and wonderful peace.

3) Lose weight. I am not totally sure, but fairly certain that I could look lovely in maternity clothes – about 8-9 months along. Although I have cried because I cannot carry and birth a child, at my age, maternity clothes would not be age appropriate. I am going to attack my weight, lose my unsightly gut. To be sure; whatever I learn from point #2, losing weight will be good for my health.

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4) It’s time to fully come out to my wife and work through what compromise may be necessary for her to be comfortable with at least some expression of my femme self. It would really be special to have her accept my body being hairless, my toenails being painted, and her of me underdressing in panties and my own bra.

I am happy to say that I am actively and successfully working each of these goals. I have spent much more time here, have made new friends, written one article, and simply enjoyed myself as a woman in a safe place. I’m more at peace recognizing myself as a gender fluid rather strictly a transwoman. I’ve lost 18 lbs in the last two months, reducing my waist by 4”.  Yes, I am so happy with my 2020 progress, yet the achievement in those three areas pales in comparison to the results of coming out to my wife.

I came out on the Saturday before Father’s Day . . . sort of. Two weeks prior, I talked and she listened (she was very understanding.) I asked if I could wear a pair of her new lounge pants in the evenings instead of my regular sweats. She agreed, and for those two weeks I did so in the evenings. All was well. No negative indications on her part, wonderful bliss on mine.

But on that Saturday before Father’s Day, as we sat together and talked, she gave me a gift, prefaced with comments that revealed a level of discomfort on her part with what she was about to do. The gift was a cute pair of pink house slippers, which I could wear with my lounge pants. I was overwhelmed. The ice was broken; the closet door was opened . . . wide.

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Not everything was revealed about myself; for example, she does not yet know me as Charlene or that I am a member of the CDH community, but I am confident this will unfold. However, she does understand that I have a deep sense of female identity and except for my male responsibility to her, my family, and friends I would transition to full womanhood.  She also understands that though I won’t transition, I nevertheless long to give expression to my femme essence outwardly.

I told her prior to our getting married (second for both of us) my life struggles with gender identity. She accepted that about me. However, now she realizes that my gender struggle is not simply a thought that occasionally crosses my mind. She has grasped, though unexplainable and hard to understand that my essence, my inner being is female. I am a blended individual, male outwardly, female inwardly. My feminine expression is simply me living authentically.

There was a process mind you, without which the beauty of my closet escape would have never happened. That process was grounded in advice I received from one of the cis female significant others, who is a member of CDH. Perhaps that process will become the content of another article. But the committed love and support offered to me is epitomized in this heartfelt statement from my amazing wife, “So what do you need me to do to help you be happy as a woman?”

Before the evening was over, I was lounging in an outfit from her own clothes, which she had put together for me. The following evening, we shopped together finding just the right pink nail polish for my toenails, which she painted for me afterwards. We talked more before retiring, but not before properly moisturizing my skin.  With her permission, I wore one of her cute nighties to bed. The next morning, I wandered about our little home in my nightie and pink toenails without a hint of negative response on her part. The shame or embarrassment on my part had been banished. What an amazing sense of congruity and freedom was experienced as we began our day together as two women.

The four goals are actively being achieved and perfected due in large part to a decision; stop dreaming and dare to write those dreams down as goals.

May I say that at this moment the “pink fog” is thick.  I am a very contented woman, looking to a future that I once only dared to dream could be mine. Oh, do not lose hope dear closeted sisters. This was not supposed to happen; certainly it was not an expected end. I just knew my wife would never accept any outward expression of my femme self. But I have learned we really never know someone until they really know us. I never expected acceptance much less support.  Now I have both, and a stronger relationship with my wife than before, when I was in the closet.

Perhaps this can be your future should you decided to dare express your dreams as goals and then allow those goals to direct your actions toward a desired end.

Thank you, Vanessa for asking, “Where are you headed in 2020.” Thank you ladies for being the encouraging and supportive friends you are. I am a better woman today for having you all part of my life.


Charlene Victoria

aka: Charrie



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Charlene Victoria

The most important bit to know about me is that I have a very strong Bible centered Christian faith. I filter everything in life through that faith. But OH MY!! I am without doubt undeniably transgendered. Have longed for all of my Christian life and before to simply be that girl (now woman) next door. Though she knew before we were married that I struggled accepting myself as a male, in June of 2020 we talked in honestly. I fully disclosed to my wife the depth of my female identification, explaining that my desire to dress was not simply to wear woman's clothes as a man, but it was because there is a heart felt need in this very tangible way to present outwardly who I am inside; a woman. I was completely unprepared for the love, acceptance, and support I have experienced from her. Balancing these two life realities into one effectively functioning person so that joy prevails for both of us is essence of my journey. Update: probably since October of 2020, the freedom in my feminine self expression caused my femininity to bleed into my male self. This I sense was making my wife uncomfortable. Though I regularly refer to my "gender brokenness" causing me discomfort in hopes that she might give the "green light" to more feminine expression I still sense she is yet comfortable with status quo so at this time my feminine expression is done quietly, low key, and aimed at her comfort not mine.

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Active Member
3 years ago

Nice article, so wonderful that your wife is so excepting !

Rochelle Mills
Active Member
3 years ago

So happy for you, Charlene! Such a beautiful description of you coming out to your wife.

Diana W
3 years ago

Congratulations on coming out to your wife. Her support is fantastic. I love those slippers. My wife accepts my feminine side and even helped me order some clothes online.

Catherine Philip
3 years ago

Yes Of Course

Cassie Jayson
Trusted Member
3 years ago

What a wonderful story. I guess we never know until we just do it. You just never know how anyone will react and even then, as all the stories from so many of the ladies here at CDH have shared, how your SO reacts today may not be the same today as tomorrow. As she processes this info she will likely change.
Sounds like you are one of the very lucky ones. Your SO seems very lovingly understanding. Keep loving each other and be thankful for each other.


Carolyne Sherman
Carolyne Sherman
3 years ago

Charlene I am so happy for you that you are finding peace. I would always think of that saying “God doesn’t make mistakes” when I used to wonder what’s wrong with me. I too told my wife prior to our 20+++ year marriage and neither of us understood what I really meant. It took many years of open conversations and not so happy conversations before we both truly understood what was in my heart and soul. As you go forward I wish you the best of luck and happiness, but remember that like the tide things will ebb and flow,… Read more »

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