Part 2.

Restful Nana Nap in my “day lingerie” completed. Time to change for the evening. Estée Lauder dusting powder on and then into the “all sexy black lingerie” mode. Securely gaffed, stockings, six-strap metal tab suspender belts, black Simone Perele Bra, and briefs. (From my previous bra fitting) Over that, nostalgic time, “Essence NZ” black narrow strap Cami and half-slip, Gotta be 12 years old, if they are a day. Black 2-inch block heels for shoes.

Michelle arrived on time, so I slipped the “day wear” back on and went down to get her up to my room. Then into the “magic chair” for a face and lippy touch-up.

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When this was completed, it was time to put on my latest dress purchase. I’m too old and “ahem,” wide in the wrong places for an LBD, so I went for the next best thing. A lovely lace top and half sleeve dress by plus size Australian Label, “Taking Shape.”

Once this was on and jewelry in place, I could not believe that under all the above, the person in the mirror, the gnarly old bald male geezer, was me. I felt fantastic…

But then, when made up and looking like I did, for decades when it has occurred, I have simply been “Catherine Louise Ryan at your service.” A therapist amply reinforced this, who once told me, “Caty takes you to another place.”  Nuff said! See the photo attached.

Time to go out for dinner. After Michelle did “ladies first” going into the lift, something I had to get used to quickly, the half-length mirror in the same got another good going over, then down into Michelle’s car. (She got paid in wine for the taxi fare) and on arrival at the restaurant, got lucky with a parking spot close by.

A slightly chilly night, so I was grateful for the gray woolen wrap I’d bought the week before, which I thought was just a scarf!

Again, ladies first through the door, (she was wearing plain black pants and a long sleeve red top.) Thence seated at a quiet secluded table at the back of the restaurant, with my back against a wall, so my creaky old hearing would not suffer.

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Save for servings far too big for me, the meal went off without a hitch. Even the charge for my Western Australia chardonnay bottle was not over the top. We must have had three or four different staff come to our table and if any of them “clocked me” they sure did a good job of not showing it. No one else dining there took the slightest bit of notice of us.

Of course, eventually, the Chardonnay meant the “ladies called.” Now muggins here, prior to our night out, had already checked the place out and only two stalls in the ladies meant Caty could not get into TOOO much strife. So, I just marched in there into an empty stall and did my business.

Tho from now on and evermore, every time I wear those black SP briefs and pull them down for the above task, my mind will go back to that night at “Blackies”

The second time around, someone came in to use the other stall. But I did not hang around to “exchange pleasantries!”

Time to pay the bill came all too soon, so with the door opened for me again, (plus the passenger side door of Mich’s car, I could get used to that,) we wended our merry way back to my apartment for Mich to pick up all her gear and for me to retire for the night.

A couple of lovely girlfriend hugs and she left me to get changed out of my dinner outfit into some warm, fleecy winter pj’s. Sadly, for me, I don’t do nighties in winter; I can’t get warm enough. Thermal Cami and normal panties underneath. The bra came off so I could enjoy sleeping braless. But (naughty me), I left the makeup on. Even though it runs a bit during the night, especially around the eyes, I still like to get up the next day looking as much as possible as Caty. So, wig on and I look a lot more like her than “the gnarly old buzzard.” Especially if I still have some jewelry on.

So breakfast, some packing, and all too soon, “pumpkin time.” Into the shower. Then severe makeup clean off, rub and scrub like my dear old Mum scouring pots and pans, boobs off and then sigggghhhhhhhh, back into male drab. But underdressed… of course…

I may do it all again… One day. But once you’ve been to the top of (at least for me) the CD mountain, there’s not much else to wish for. There is one more CD-friendly lingerie store… way down in the SE suburbs and I will get there… one day. But right now, I am very content with my CD lot. And besides, a whole lot less “porkie pies” get told to my beloved….


For the last two mornings on waking and looking in the bathroom mirror, I still find it hard to comprehend that the “G.O.B” in need of a shave could have looked as good as “she” did only 48 hours before.

My warped sense of humour now looks out for women “dressing” their appropriate (middle) age, in skirts, etc. With blond shoulder-length curly hair.

Maybe that’s a bloke like me?

Happy dressing, one and all




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Stephanie Browne
Active Member
9 months ago

Wonderful rendering, with honesty most appreciated.
I also am not used to " ladies first", in the car or cafe door. And I too March in to the ladies room sit myself down when adjoining stalls are occupied to do my business, otherwise stand.
Dressing age appropriate is so important, I’m learning; being I dress every day now, the middle age old geezer looks approvingly in the mirror at knee length skirts, long sleeve blouses, dresses below the knee, and non gaudy accessories.
I so enjoyed your story !

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