• There is quite a site, for CDs and the likes
    On this quaint site, it’s said to be true
    That we’re here for each other and say goodbye to the blues,
    The days of discovery have come and gone,
    new satin dresses. We await a new dawn.
    pronouns like she and her are preferred
    please pay attention and do not call me sir,
    it’s here we make changes to better our well-being.
    let go of ugly past and closets and strains,
    for here we can step out of the rain and into
    the light, wearing high heels throughout the night,
    our wigs are straight and ever so soft. Some of us
    will never take them off,
    it’s here you make friends, find events to attend
    get to know your sister’s while you can
    for tomorrow I believe we keep the same stand.
    We all deserve each other, don’t you see
    together we’ll conquer all fears, just let it be
    so it is here for each to grasp with hand
    become one from the sea and find solid land
    always remember you and me, we did not choose this
    lifestyle we lead, no
    it chose us to do our best, instead of pants to wear a dress,
    your sisters are here offering their hand,
    to the new who find us whenever they can
    red lips and fingertips, fur coats and hose,
    we wear these things proudly with honor and care
    but there are still people laughing and those that stare,
    these are the times we continue to be
    stronger for my sisters and be proud to be me.
    As day turns to night and night turns to day,
    take my hand and feel the love. Together we pray
    for a better tomorrow; let go and live for today.
    And so it’s this site you will feel the love you seek,
    the respect from others and the honor you deserve
    fail not for yourself fail not for her
    for the sun now shines, and it’s not so bleak.
    So wear what you will stand tall in your heels,
    because isn’t it you that matters and stands
    proud in your form, let not show shame of what you adore.
    This may not be all there to say,
    except just be yourself another day!
    This poem is your poem, no matter the hour
    or the day, the truth I speak for you and me
    will follow the love for who we are and who we will
    always be.
    ,And though this was written not only by me
    but by you and parts of humanity.


    Dedicated to my lovely friend Leonara and the sisterhood of CDH.

    Jackie Wiid…….

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Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Made me emotional. You are so talented Jackie

Fiona Black
Trusted Member
1 year ago


A lovely poem. These lines really stood out to me:

“..these are the times we continue to be
stronger for my sisters and be proud to be me."

Given the ugly mood in the country these days, these are indeed the times we need to support each other as much as possible.


Trusted Member
1 year ago

Oh my, your poem was so well written and the end was so emotional… I am so overwhelmed
you are a special friend… and I will always remember you and me, we did not choose this lifestyle we lead,

Roberta Broussard
Noble Member
1 year ago

Thank you Jackie for sharing.

Roberta Broussard
Noble Member
1 year ago
Reply to  Jackie

I think that’s one of the hidden benefits of this site. So many of us are dealing with our passion, in so many different ways. Some are so very secretive and guarded that they can’t always let themselves come out. You never know whom and to what effect your words may have.

Just knowing that you are contributing with helpfulness in your heart, makes all the difference.

Thank you Jackie, for being you.

Holly Morris
Holly Morris
1 year ago

Jackie, what a wonderful poem! Thank you so much for capturing so well our feelings in verse and sharing it with us!



Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Hi Jackie. I do miss the groups you have posted but I had to downgrade my status from duchess to basic for a while. Have been more busier than ever since I am living with a wonderful gentleman but spending my time more in gay mode than femme since that is what he prefers lol.

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