My earliest memories of cross dressing are circa primary school days. There was a trunk full of women’s clothes in the garage of our home; I seem to remember enjoying getting the dresses out and putting them on. My Mother also had an old pair of bathers in our laundry and when she was not home, I’d go in there and try them on. “Worse still!!!” about that time, I found an encyclopedia article on women’s period dress quite fascinating, so I guess my love of wearing these clothes stems from that time.

I can also clearly recall how beautiful my Mum looked when she and my father were attending a formal ball; I guess I wanted to look like her–all beautifully coiffed, perfumed, made up, and dressed in a long evening gown. (Perhaps that’s where my ongoing love of formal wear came from too!!)

Moving to my early teens, my parents had a holiday cottage where, (though it would never be allowed these days), I refused to go for winter weekends, as there was “nothing to do”. So this gave me the chance to be on my own and dress in all my mother’s finery. (Tennis balls had to make do for breasts in one of her bras… But that was OK). I especially enjoyed the tightness of her panty girdles and feeling the tautness of the attached suspenders to her stockings.

This went on for some time, until, inevitably some relatives called in to check on me one night and I was well and truly “Sprung”. Being a typical “father of the age”, i.e. the 60’s, my father’s “severe talking to” about this “hobby” of mine, centered on the retribution I would face when I got older if the “boys in the pub” found out about my penchant for things feminine!!

I attended a trade oriented, all male high school where drama and plays were hardly given a mention. So it can only be imagined how jealous I was when I read a newspaper article about how in the best tradition of all male private schools of the era, boys were selected to play the female roles in the school’s annual production. Males playing “Lady Bracknell” in the “Importance of Being Earnest” have had me green with envy ever since!!!!

Onwards into my 20’s and once married, I assumed “this will all fade away”. But of course, it did not, and the need to be Caty caused much tension in the marriage. It was eventually one of the main reasons for the divorce. My career involved a lot of interstate and overseas travel so that’s when Caty would appear, mostly in a hotel room somewhere. She did venture out occasionally, in such places far from home as London and Toronto, and she attended a couple of CD group meetings in Perth WA. Caty has been retired for quite some time now, and the location where she lives and the circumstances of that location, plus her current relationship, allows her reasonably frequent occasions to “emerge”. Period and evening gowns are still favorites, as is classy cocktail wear and lingerie. Having two girls did not help, because when they matured, there were even more “frillies” about the house!

Caty would love to go out in public more often, but not in the small rural community where she resides. The gossip mill would go into meltdown if she was “sprung” and whilst she may be able to withstand all of the above, the burden on her beloved partner would be most unfair!

Furthermore, Caty knows that one day, (hopefully quite some time away), “advancing years” will decree a move to a retirement village back in the City. How this will affect not only her, but her clothes, make up, jewelry, when to wear and how to storage it all remains to be seen.

Happy dressing everyone…


Time has rolled by and now at past “3 score and 10”, Caty is very likely to end up in a retirement village soon. This will be most beneficial for her “male half” and “his” beloved, but could be a bit restrictive for Caty.

The saving grace is the storage unit about a half hours drive from the above and the need to do reasonably frequent overnight “charity business” trips. The charity she volunteers for is a two hour drive from here, hence the overnight stays.

Public trips out shopping and going out to dinner are very infrequent, but are treasured when they can occur.

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Caty Ryan

"Mature aged" crossdresser living in Victoria, Australia Love all things feminine especially classy lingerie and formal gowns. Have a long standing passion for period wear and own three lovely replica period gowns, 2 1700's and one American Civil war replica. Love to chat via e.mail with anyone with similar interests

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Rozalyne Richards
Rozalyne Richards
3 years ago

Hi Caty like you I’m also a mature Crossdresser, i started dressing in the 60’s when it was deemed that you was some sort of a pervert to want to wear female clothes while being a man, I’ve kept my dressing up in the closet for years and no one knows that it’s what i like to do, i still only manage to dress up a few times every year and that is when my wife goes away on holiday, i know i should confide in her that I’m a cross-dresser but i guess I’m a bit of a coward… Read more »

April (Pacific Princess)
Active Member

Don’t let Caty fade away hon! I’m a mature CD (not 3 score plus 10, but 3 score plus 1) and I have found new life as April. Although she only comes out 2 to 3 times a month on average, I would be very sad if she went away entirely. I have found friends as April and going out is now a joy.

I hope you can find similar joy in your times out.


skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
3 years ago

Only two score and nearly 14 here (a mere baby I know 🙂 ) but I echo April ( a dear friend of mine)-don’t let Caty wither away! I know Cyn will never again be relegated to a closet or a memory but will live unto the end! Thanks for sharing your story hun!

3 years ago

Hi Caty,

Loved reading this story. It is a true story of perseverance and patience. Caty will triumph against all odds because she is you and cannot be denied. We all have complex components to our psyche and in some of us it means sharing our masculine persona with our female alter-egos.

I am a proud closet CD who hasn’t come out like you and faced the trauma that this brings. I admire you so much and am glad to have met you here. You are an inspiration.


Arlene Monroe
Active Member
3 years ago

Loved your article, despite my lack of familiarity with some of the Aussie lexicon. Amazing how many of us older women remain in the closet, myself included. But life gets in its own way somehow. I also peeked at some of your pics Caty. Very pretty. Loved your tasteful lingerie photos, mother of the bride and too bad that pink chiffon didn’t fit. It was lovely on you.

Fiona-Ann Moss
Active Member
3 years ago

What a delightful story! certainly a well travelled lady! its nice to see Caty emerged through all your travelling. It must have been hard having two girls around! I was lucky having two boys lol. I wish you all the best for your retirement village location, and lets hope Caty shines through, the true great woman she really is 🙂 . Thankyou for sharing your story Caty :).

Fiona xxx

Allanna Martiansky
3 years ago

It does me so good to read a true life story! I know it is true and real because that is my real life story also! Few details different but the revelation of the inner fem self is all there and how much i would love to hug and kiss you in a physical and totally emotional embrace! My therapist wants me to quit–that i cannot imagine, could you?? That would say it all-wouldn it it my Caty from your Allanna

Gail Bingyi
Active Member
3 years ago

Hi Caty as always an entertaining and well developed piece of writing. I do like that bathers one as I recall that was one of the first full pieces of womens clothing I wore. I still love a good pair of bathers although modesty means no skimpy bikinis more the over 50’s one piece
Love as always

Paula Malmborg
Active Member
3 years ago

HI Caty
great read, bathers always seem to be an early item for all of us, keep up with the writing I really love reading them
Paula XX

Jacky Burnside
3 years ago

Hi, Cathy. My earliest memories are preschool when Mom and her sister would put me in a dress and lipstick. The lipstick came from my Aunt, a deep shade of purple, when she played a game called “Give me some lipstick”. She would kiss me on the mouth, then let me kiss her to “Give me back my lipstick!” Of course, I only got more of her lipstick on me, but I really enjoyed it and the way I looked! I so adore kissing with lipstick still today, even though it makes a mess of my makeup! Luv ya Hun,… Read more »

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