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The Trials and Tribulations of Buying Chinese Clothes Online

If you’re like me, you very easily are influenced to try to buy women’s clothes online because the manufacturers are abundant, the clothes look absolutely gorgeous, they carry your size, and the prices are quite reasonable. In addition, you don’t have to chance meeting anyone you know (as a male) as you might in a dress shop or at a mall. If you’re not at all like me, I really don’t understand how you’ve avoided this. So, I am offering to share with you what my experiences have been like and learn from what I’ve learned from purchasing Chinese clothes online.

  1. I) Are all the manufacturers reputable? No, they all aren’t. Some standby their goods and some don’t – i.e. some will refund your money if the clothes are less than you expected them to be, and some won’t. I wish I could tell which manufacturers or sellers of the clothing reputable and which ones are not, but my experience with these manufacturers or sellers is not so vast and thorough. There are just so many Chinese sellers of clothing out there, there’s no way anyone could cover the reviews and recommendations for them all!

2) Are the sizes accurate if they say they are USA compatible sizes? Most of them are, but that too varies a bit. Usually, if anything, they are undersized and you need to look at the meaning of the sizes (therefore, read what the size means in the Size Key – don’t merely expect the size to be a USA XL). If you must make a guess, go for one size larger than you think you need.

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3) Are the prices accurate and affordable? For the most part, they are. They’re not steals but they are affordable.

4) Are the dresses pretty and wear well? For the most part they are gorgeous and very wearable.

5) How reliable are the dates given for shipment? Not very reliable. There are 2 parts to the shipment, usually: The first part is the processing part and that can vary across the board. The second part is the actual shipping time and that can add weeks or months to the actual delivery. YOU MUST LEAVE EXTRA TIME TO RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE. I do a lot of traveling and have missed several deliveries. The saving grace is that you usually will finally be given tracking information AFTER the package is already scheduled to be shipped (not processed).

6) I usually order dresses and have gotten many compliments in their responses to the clothing I’ve purchased from Chinese sellers. All in all, counting the clothes that NEVER appeared, I think I’m still way ahead money wise.

7) Can I suggest any manufacturer who I’ve generally been satisfied with? This is not meant to be a whole-hearted recommendation, but I’ve found Rotita to be the best Chinese manufacturer in terms of reliability and quality.

Good luck to all of you all with your overseas purchases!

Now girls, if you would, share some of your own experiences with me and the rest of our CDH readers as far as your luck purchasing from Chinese sellers or manufacturers.

What advice, other than what I’ve offered up, would you add to the list of questions and answers I’ve provided above? Especially if you’ve had some super luck with one or two specific sellers of Chinese made clothing you would definitely recommend to others.

I’m looking forward to your responses and let’s share our experiences with the other CDH girls who may be tentative about purchasing clothing from overseas.


Abby Lauren


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Abby Lauren

Have been crossdressing for over 7 decades and still love it as much as ever. I'm married and my wife is very slowly coming to accept this reality. She sometimes even buys me something for Abby. i love to interact with fellow cd's and go out as often as fits into my schedule. I live part-time in the USA and travel as often as I am able to. I particularly love attending Trans conventions and meeting up with other Cd's.
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Holly Christmas
4 years ago

Couldn’t agree more, sizing especially Asian is a minefield especially if you are on the larger size. I have found American Companies a lot better and more reliable when it comes to proper sizes as well as being reasonably priced and not had issues with missing deliveries etc

Celeste Starre
Celeste Starre
4 years ago

Regarding dresses,I have had good luck buying through Amazon prime. I’ve paid as little as $6 and as much as $35 for nice dresses made in China and both shipping & returns are free. As to sizing,I never go by a stated size whether in the letter (XL) or numerical (16). In fact I only buy when there is a size chart that gives the actual measurements of the dress I’m interested in. That way I know whether it will fit before I buy it. This has worked quite well and I believe I’ve only returned one dress and that… Read more »

Heather Hansen
4 years ago

I recently purchased a number of panties on AliExpress through different vendors. It did take a while to receive them but they all came. In some of the item reviews, people warned of ordering at least a size larger than what you would buy here. Unfortunately, I didn’t heed the warning. I wear a size large in most of my panties, on a rare occasion, depending on the style, a medium. So I took a change and ordered large. Almost all of them are a size small. On AliExress they also have men’s sissy panties, so I ordered a couple… Read more »

Patricia Marie Allen
Active Member
4 years ago

I do most of my shopping in person. We live near a large metropolitan city and I just go to Penneys or Sears. Both store have no trouble with me trying on before I buy.

Sometimes, I’ll buy online from Woman Within. It’s an online outlet owned by Lane Bryant. I love the name, “Woman Within." It’s almost like they were looking to attract cross-dressers and transgender folks.

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