When I began writing this, I wasn’t even sure how long I had been coming into the public chat room. It felt like only a couple of weeks, but on checking I found out that it had actually been since April, 2016. I only know that when I’m there, I feel at home. It’ as if I’m surrounded by Family. A group of people that I’ve never actually met, but have come to love. If I’m a little depressed, these girls are sure to cheer me up. If I’m getting too serious about life, they straighten me out, and If anyone needs help, I get to contribute. Like sisters, we all open our hearts to one another, sometimes, tease each other, but always the love is underlying everything. I find that it’s often easier to talk to the others in the chat room than it is to talk to physical family members. My Son and his wife are wonderful, but they don’t hug me every time I see them. You all do. You always have time to listen to how my day is going and always offer kind words if it’s not that great.

The people here come from all over the world. Many different occupations. Many different lifestyles, and aged from 18 to 85. But there is a common denominator; We are part of a bigger community. Kindred souls, if you will. Cross dressers, Transgender, Transsexual, Bi, Straight, and Gay, we belong to this wonderful family. We have our “Evil Uncle Ernie”, occasionally, you know, the ones who come as Guests, looking for more than support, but for the most part the people coming into the chat room are looking for support and friendship. We have our crazy Aunties, our wicked Step Sisters, our Gentle Grannies and our Little Sisters, whom we watch over and try to protect. We have our Sorrows, our Triumphs, our Adventures, our Dreams, and our Failures and wee share all of these things with each other. That is probably the best thing about the chat room. In sharing our lives, we enrich ourselves and each other. In this we learn that we are no longer alone, but that we are part of something bigger and better.

We have each other, and we have the Ambassadors, who have to keep us in line on occasion, and who I would not, could not, do without. If I ever have a question about what is proper, I know I can ask them and they will find an answer for me, if they don’t know already.

The chat room offers guidance, support, and love. It gives us a chance to express ourselves in a way that is not available on the outside. We hear about great places to shop and neat little tricks we can use to improve our makeup. It is a place we can bounce ideas off other people with similar interests, without being afraid of being embarrassed. After all, this family is here for us, even when our physical families aren’t.

I can’t imagine that I would have come as far as I have without the chat room. It has let me grow in ways I would not have without it. Or, without you, who have come to mean more to me than you can possibly imagine. You are my Family and I would not give you up for all the gold in the world, because you are mine. And, I am yours. Now and for always. If I have learned anything here, it is that I am not alone. And I am loved.
I love you. And now I love myself. Thanks to you.

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Paige Turner

I live in New Jersey. I was about 13 years old, when I first found a liking for girl’s things. I found a box of slips and petticoats up in the attic and brought it down to my bedroom and hid the box under my bed. I would often enjoy wearing them in my room. One day, my Mom found the box. I made up some crazy story about using them to make a weather balloon. My parents had divorced when I was eight, but my Mom called my Father, and I heard them talking. The resulting meeting was so traumatic for me, I buried the memories of it for the next 30 or so years. The next time I thought about it was when I was in my forties. My second wife and I were watching Jerry Springer, who had several Cross Dressers on the show. Without even thinking about it, I asked her, “Would you mind if I tried that?” She smiled at me and said, ” No.” Not long after, she bought me my first pair of heels. Until she passed away in 2002 I dressed and often went out. My third wife told me that she didn’t want me to do it any more and made me promise I wouldn’t. She passed in January 2016, and now I am going to return to this thing I love. I always went by the name Paige Turner when dressed, because I love to read. Now I just need to restock the makeup, and clothes, and shoes. Now I live with my first wife, Wendy, again. She not only knows about Paige she critiques my outfits. She has done a lot to encourage me and gave me a lot of jewellery and wigs. She also helped me come out to my two Sons. (I’d already come out to all my sisters)

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  1. Leonara 1 year ago

    Hi Paige,
    Thank for expressing your thoughts about the Chat Room…. that is exactly how I feel about it also. The caring , support , and talking to ladies around the world is what I enjoy most .
    See you on the chat room

  2. Sheryl Johnstone 1 year ago

    Hey Sister,
    I couldn’t have said that any where near as well. That’s lovely Paige … and so true, it gave me goose bumps.

    • Jennifergordon 1 year ago

      Hi Sheryl girl! I’ve missed you a lot. Hope all is well with you. I’m doing fine with most things. Would love to hear from you. Hugs!

  3. stacey s 1 year ago

    Hi Paige,
    That was a very good thoughts of the chat room I liked very much. There alot of caring ladies in the chat room and can guide us to places we have not known. Thank you for sharing.
    Stacey s

  4. skippy1965(Cynthia) 1 year ago

    Grea article Paige! you are a vital part of the chatroom yoursel. Keep up the great work!


  5. Kayla Jameson 1 year ago

    Great article Paige. The chat room means a great deal to me too. You are loved, Paige Turner. – HUGS

  6. Lea 1 year ago

    Nice article Paige. It’s really interesting how having one aspect of our lives in common leads to getting to know some amazing people here.

  7. Delbra Dawn cordry 1 year ago

    well said sister paige hugs and kisses

  8. Angela 1 year ago

    Great article Paige!
    I don’t know how I would cope if not for my sisters on this wonderful site. I rely on you girls so much for love and support. I also like to give my love and support to any and all of you!
    In a lot of ways I am closer to you girls than my own family, probably because you understand my journey so well as you too are living the same/similar journey.
    Hugs and kisses to all of my sisters! Angela

  9. Tina 1 year ago

    I was 11 years old when I found out I liked to crossdressI was home alone,and bored. I decided to go to my mom’s room and try on some of her lingerie. Mom was a big woman so her things fit me. I still remember her silk panties and how they felt. She had a planted long line bra and panty girdle which I put on. I finished it with a pair of her stockings. I felt so girly! I was on my way.

    • Jennifergordon 1 year ago

      Hi Tina! Sure can relate to your story. For me it started around age 12. It started with my mother’s stockings. After that I just couldn’t stop. The urges never go away. I finally accepted the whole thing. Acceptance was the key for me. I always wear panties and hosiery under my jeans. Would love to hear from you. Hugs!

  10. Pinkie 1 year ago

    Great article Paige and yes we are all a part of this chat room and we are all one big family. Like you this chat room has helped me in ways I never thought possible. If not for this chat room I would not be living my dream of transition now.It is a very wonderful place to be and just hang out you will always feel the love in this room.

  11. Author
    Paige Turner 1 year ago

    I’d like to thank you all for your encouragement. Hugs and Love to you all.

  12. Pippi Long 1 year ago

    what a great article I loved it ! I feel the same way when I’m in the chat room but that’s not often do to my work load

    hugs sweetie !


  13. Xeri (Shortstop) 1 year ago

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Paige. The chat room has come to be my favorite part of the day. And the amazing thing is how we sometimes cover vanilla subjects that I can actually mention at work or to my family. The suggestions you have offered that pertain to CD, however, make this site what it is. And it is worth its while.

    • Kim Morgan 1 year ago

      I am transgender from Wisconsin I need to meet people.Please email.

      • Jennifergordon 1 year ago

        Hi Kim! My name is Jennifer and I just want to say hello. Have you been with cdh very long? How is wisconsin toward transgender people? Would love to hear from you. Hugs!

  14. debbie 1 year ago

    Thank you Paige for being there too

  15. Love ya Paige!!

  16. Jas 1 year ago

    *BIGBIGHUG* Paige

    I had to come out and support you my lovely friend. I loved your article and I can feel the love from your words. I so realize time flies when you are amongst friends and I am glad you are one of my best. You are always there for me as I am for you, see ya in the Chatroom!

  17. Julie Carson 1 year ago

    Oh Paige I have felt the same but wondered if others did too. Now I know. Hugs honey! Julie

  18. Jessica ann 1 year ago

    It’s a nice feature to have.

  19. Tami 1 year ago

    Thank you Paige, for writing such a wonderful article!

  20. Joann 1 year ago

    you said it all i dont know what i would do with out all my girl friends in the chat room thanks everyone for being their

  21. Patty Michelle 1 year ago


    You are such a sweetheart! What beautiful words you wrote about the chat room, all of your family here and about yourself. We love you!!


  22. Author
    Paige Turner 1 year ago

    Thank you Patty, It’s people like you who make it wortwhile.

  23. Alison 1 year ago

    It’s very scary realizing your not a man, but actually a woman . It’s like the whole world opens while closing at the same time

  24. Erikka 1 year ago

    New to this. I want to dress all the time, but really cant, ever. I have started, and tossed, many collections of panties, stockings, shoes.. How do you hide it, yet be able to do it?

    • Jennifergordon 1 year ago

      Hi Errika! Happy to meet you. I don’t know if you live alone or married but the clothes can be an issue I know. I do my best to keep them separated from the male things. In plain boxes or whatever. I got rid of all male undies a long time ago. I wear nylon panties and stockings just about everyday. Also a garter belt. I love my pantyhose also. Please refrain from purging because it will get expensive to replace the items. We all go thru it! I hope I helped you even a little bit. I would love to hear from you. Hugs! Jennifer.

    • Author
      Paige Turner 1 year ago

      You should ask that in the chat room. I have also purged a few times, but it happened with full wardrobes. Never again!

      • Lynn 1 year ago

        Hi Paige, love your article on the chat rm

      • Lynn 1 year ago

        Like you Paige , I have purged to many times in the past, Never again

  25. Jennifergordon 1 year ago

    All you girls are wonderful! There was a time when I thought that I was the only one on earth who was a girl too. Very lonely days for sure but no more. The purging and denying are gone thank goodness. So happy to be accepted for who I am.

  26. Jennifergordon 1 year ago

    I apologize for misspelling your name Erikka!

  27. Jessica 1 year ago

    What a lovely site! So happy I found you all! 🙂
    Jess x

  28. Brittany Asher 1 year ago

    Thank You Paige
    That is the felling I got after only 2 days here . It was just so Comfortable. Talking to you and the other girls in the chat room was so easy. You all made me feel like I was apart of the discussion right from the start.
    I love the way you put it. The family , the love and yes the hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  29. Jessica 1 year ago

    Hi girls I’ve posted a pic on my profile in case it helps anyone. I’ve found that if I strap my fleshy chest fat with wide tape I can create a nice convincing cleavage before I put a bra and inserts in. Take a look and tell me what u think girls- hope it helps! 🙂 Jess xoxox

  30. Maria 1 year ago

    Hi Paige honey I’m glad I have another place to talk I’m alone far too much it’s almost like solitary confinement and it’s getting to me but I try to be strong and think my way through I at least have a girl online I’m talking to which helps too but I haven’t told her yet I want to I know I should before we get too close it will surely be the test of tests for her to pass if she truly loves my heart she says she does I also play guitar electric that is and I’ve been at it a while I love a lot of classic rock but lately I’ve been stuck on Carlos Santana his playing is so beautifully expressed I play along as well as I can I did find Michelle Branch goodness she is so beautiful I play along with most anything I hear even commercials on the radio lol I might even be good at it after the loss of my late wife it’s been rough but I poured myself into my guitar as well as some skinny jeans and the rest of the clothes in my very limited wardrobe lol I love being able to be myself another benefit of being alone but I’m also quite poor at the moment my razors are getting dull awesome lol so mostly I just play my guitar and get in trouble at times for turning my volume up too much playing with thunder lol I haven’t read your story yet but I will I promise thank you for writing it I save them for when I get really down which seems to be more frequent these days lol Love Maria

    • Author
      Paige Turner 1 year ago

      You might want to use earphones, if the complaints get to frequent. LOL Nice to hear from you and look forward to chatting again, soon, Hugs, Honey and thanks for your input.

  31. Terrim 1 year ago

    Paige, I started going out in 1978. I remember meeting my first CD sister like it was yesterday. We started talking and immediately I knew that I was not alone. It was such a wonderful feeling. Over the years I have met such interesting people. My wife of 45yrs wants nothing to do with my femme side, but I have accepted that.

  32. colleen 1 year ago

    hello all

  33. Audrey 1 year ago

    Hi all, could I develop breasts if I wear a bra iam a male

    • stephanie 1 year ago

      i wear a selection of bras every day and I have real breast forms to put inside them. They make me feel like the real me! You cannot grow breasts just by wearing a bra. The previous writer is correct. Look around for bras that have preformed cups.Some bras do not need to have breast forms either because of the way that they are made. Trust in yourself give it a go.Do not get hung up on minor details.Just be yourself.Love the real you..Stephanie

    • Sunseearry 1 year ago

      Absolutely not unless you start to use estrogen (female hormones)

  34. Claire 1 year ago

    Hi anyone for me love claire

  35. addrianna escobedo 1 year ago

    By reading all this stories makes me feel the girl inside,since I was five I like my moms nylons and dresses and when I was seven I got caught wearing my friend’s sister petticoat my parents came unexpectedly and that open to my parents an issue concerning my behavior since then I dress when I am alone making sure nobody will find about it ,when I got married I thought that would go away,but I start having the urge my wife caught me and doesn’t approved she says only when she is going out (two / three hours) which gives me time to dress completely then timing her she is almost home I change before she gets home , then adrenalin comes sometimes waiting for her to find me all dress up,and if I change she still finds I been XD cause I still haven’t removed my makeup eye liner/mascara and my red lipstick hasn’t faded
    Now I only use water base mascara it’s easy to get it out,and no traces,up to now I dress and just go out driving after everybody is completely asleep and while driving if passing a big truck I would let my dress revealed my nylons and garter belt that’s when I really feel I’m a girl . I thank you all of you for your stories and I know I can count on everyone of you thanks for sharing.( p.s. all my clothing is hiding on boxes some tools on top ) .
    Your sister Addrianna

    • Franny 1 year ago

      Stay beautiful girl, keep on being ur beautiful self, with all my luv n affection n sweet hugs n kisses, all my luv Franny

  36. Ramona 1 year ago

    I never felt so alive as when I dressed with heels, nylons and miniskirt to go in public in the day time for all to see.

  37. Rae 1 year ago

    I’m a newbie and now have the freedom to express myself due to the end a long relationship. I am working on my wardrobe and so far, it looks like I am size 12 jeans, 9 panties & size 14 in dresses. There are many other challenges in my life today but hope to gain gender fluid expression with CDH.

  38. Ryan gilliard 1 year ago

    hi wanted sombody thsts willing to invest in me to become a tgirl performing model iam registered with grooby althow iam not yet under development i am looking for backing on my orders and wear hormones etc body suits masks is a must starting out on my develpment . i have a debue unscedaled so i want to loose my verginith on set so iam seeking biracial trans to possibly do video shoot with me im verry seriouse and ready for supportive partnership vacation cruzes ans trans resort escapes iam avalable to acompany you i just dont have the financial resorces to acomplish my desired fantacy i need your help anybody that fits this post.

  39. Veronica 1 year ago

    Hi to everyone who will read this and i too agree with what the others have said, just be yourself and let the love that you have for the lingerie items shine.

  40. Veronica 1 year ago

    Hello all i know that what im about to ask for is asking alot but i have no where else that i can turn. I am in dire need of a few items that maybe some of you don’t need or want anymore. The first item is breastforms im willing to take all types but would really love some silicone ones. 2nd item is bras and swimsuits. 3rd item is either a gaff or a vpanty because i truly want to look and feel like the woman that i am. I don’t know if any of you have a shemale sexdoll or not but i would love one of them too. Thanks ahead of time to all of you especially for your love and encouragement.

  41. Kim Cummings 1 year ago

    I think I could have a fun time with another person who is feeling similar to how I feel. The thought of having someone else caressing my legs clad in my smooth and silky pantyhose is extremely exciting and I have long been thinking about the feeling of our pantyhose sliding together.

  42. Kim Cummings 1 year ago

    I feel like a lesbian because I have a feminine and submissive feeling of being a feminine partner with the same features. I am wearing my pantyhose and high heels now and I am so excited about this prospect of my life as a feminine and beautiful sensuous feeling woman who has a need for the next delicious and feminine ways of getting what I need.

    • zena simmons 12 months ago

      You go girl but don’t worry about being lesbian part at some point all us girls want mixed it up with same gender rather we’re straight bi or lez but one thing gotta keep in mind is can’t do without hanging beween their legs or ours till decide to keep it or depose of it) new girl zena

  43. zena simmons 12 months ago

    To jackie wild) don’t mean criezise you but think your face is too white lipstick is to dark of red bit much on ruge other than that nice looking woman an I’m sorry u went through all that torment however has made you better person from reading your bio= zena

  44. zena simmons 12 months ago

    Kim my new sis if you would like I would like be in that wish of yours but not sure how we could meet together in able to bring it to life zena new girl

  45. Dannie Engle 2 months ago

    Hi Paige

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