Transgender 101

Gender identity can be difficult to understand, even for those of us who have struggled with our own. The video below gives a good overview of gender. Sex (which is the anatomical representation of our sex), Gender role (our expression of gender – masculine, feminine) and Gender identity (our self-identified gender). Thanks to Allyson for first introducing me to this video on her website.

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12 years ago

My pleasure, Vanessa!

11 years ago

Hi, My ex fiancee is Jeremy McIntosh, the cross dresser who rammed his car into a lingerie store in Michigan. We have a 2 year old daughter together… I asked him to leave before he became gay/transgender. Anyway I’m having a difficult time dealing because despite everything I love him… he is bipolor. Everything I’ve heard about transgender says that it is recognized early but he has always had strong masculine characteristics. I just want to learn about transgender and if anyone knows how I can track him down, I need help… i.e. child support. Thanks for any help!

11 years ago

Hi Kellie,

I know where he is. He was just at my friends house last friday…I can try to get more info for you if you want my friend might know. I know he was with another Jeremy Heinke or something, my friend is dating his brother Joey. E-mail me if I can help.

My heart goes out to you, especially having a child..Stay strong and let me know if I can help!(I hate men who dont stand up and at least help a little when it comes to their kids)


11 years ago

Thanks for the tips! That’s really exciting if that really was him you saw, although, he doesn’t have a brother, 1 sister, but it could still be him. Unless he has a half brother on his fathers side, but I never heard of him… hmm.. If you see him again you can let him know that the injunction is changed so that we can communicate… he should get it in the mail. I have the same phone number 248-5647, he knows the area code, same as his grandmothers’. Anywho, I really do miss him, even just talking with him. I’ve… Read more »

11 years ago

Hi Kellie

I know Jeremy M. doesn’t have a brother…My friend is dating Jeremy H’s brother. Anyway, I will give you a call later. What would you like me to do? Find out where he is staying? If I can I will. Whatever I can do to help.

11 years ago

This is soooo exciting for me!
Totally loving the internet and this site! Funny how I have virtually no resources and am tracking him down better than child support enforcement! That sounds good but anything would be much appreciated. Too bad I’m in Fort Myers and am assuming you’re in Michigan, I’d totally like to get together and chat, good for you though, I’d prob have a breakdown lol Thanks soooo much!!!

11 years ago

So, my lil Hannah will be 2 on April 26th! He should know what he’s missing, she’s incredible! I want her to know her father. I’m considering moving to MI, also, I’m considering changing my and Hannah’s last names to McIntosh…hmmm? Am I crazy for thinking there is a future for Jeremy and I… as a couple? sometimes I feel like a widow… BTW… Jennifer… my area code is 239, and the no contact order is gone so he can call me, you can let him know if you see him and let him know to do something for her… Read more »

5 years ago

Vanesa, is two soul mean i’m a crossdresser to?

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