Who has helped transgender acceptance the most?

Time put together a list of transgender celebrities, actors and athletes. Vote for who you think has been the most influential transgender woman.

Caitlyn Jenner – Appeared as a woman for the first time on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Laverne Cox – Star of Orange is the New Black and an outspoken transgender advocate.

Isis King First transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2008.

Christine Jorgensen – First publicly known transsexual in the US after have SRS in Denmark in 1952.

Lynn ConwayComputer scientist, Electrical engineer and innovator.

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Share this poll with your friends to see who has done the most for transgender acceptance.

If there’s someone you think is missing from this poll please comment below.

Images from Time.com.

  1. Daphne 4 years ago

    Actually we all have collectively done the most to advance the “T” in LBGT we are the ones living this lifestyle in the real world and therefore most importantly we are the faces/ ambassadors/educators to the masses. We are the ones buying the clothes, wigs, shoes, hormones and other items that have made the business world and media take notice. These celebrities are substantial in this society but they are mere faucets of our community that have gotten media attention no greater no less than anyone of us. GURL POWER!

    • Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Well said Daphne! Together we speak louder than any one person, no matter how famous!

  2. Jayme 4 years ago

    You want to know who has done so much o spread the word about trans-
    gender-ism: : everybody who has struggled with this notion, for years, and
    has finally accepted themselves for the woman they are !!!!!

    Not this goddamn fucking freak ” Caitlyn “Jenner. This ” Thing : is the
    phoniest piece of crap that I have ever seen. This is a perfect example of a
    person who has way too much time on his hands, and spen,ds way too much
    money buying improvements to his face, and his body..

    So, you want me to comment on ” Caitlyn’s ” Vanity-fair magazine cover.
    Alright, Here is what people weren’t told about the photo shoot. The airbrushing
    that was done to the subject. Bruce Jenner is training for an olympic-comeback,
    his biceps are huge, as well as his forearms. This fucking piece of crap’s arms
    are rail-thin, there is absolutely no sign of cleavage, or feminine curvature,
    and just look at ” its ” hands, BIG, hairy, huge-veined, man-hands.

    And this ” thing ” won a courage award on the ESPY’S. Why ? because
    ” it ” came out this year on national fucking television, and since ” it ”
    did, now everybody is coming out. What a public disgrace this was, when so
    many of us have faced public ridicule, shame, and embarrassment because
    of who we are, and this motherfucker- beachcomber gets a courage award.

    SHAME ON EVERYBODY IN THIS SOCIETY, I never want to be included in
    conversation involving that piece of crap.

    Oh, one more little piece of news involving Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, did you
    know that your ” hero ” hit a woman on the freeway and caused her death.
    Yes, and as a result of this woman’s death, Your ” Hero ” is being sued for
    millions. Good for him, now, that idiot can repay all the millions of dollars in
    debt that he owes.

    I guess it takes REAL courage to hit somebody and cause their death.

    • Author
      Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Jayme, indeed every trans woman and trans man who has struggled to find the courage to be who they are has lifted our cause. Caitlyn lives a different life than you or I, she has challenges we don’t, as well as advantages we don’t. And she’s not perfect.

      I welcome anyone to our community with the courage to be who they are, because living as the gender you are takes tremendous reserves of courage that few outside of our community know.

      Caitlyn has more money, more fame, and perhaps more skeletons than some of us. Yet she is part of our community, and will welcome her with open arms just as much as I welcome every special woman who is part of the Crossdresser Heaven community.

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